Things We Sort Of Learned: Dirty Leeds (H)

It was a day of celebration and reflection. Tears of joy and sadness flowed down from the stands as our very own miniature hero bade his final farewell. For the final time this season (we won’t be at Hillsborough) we mention some stuff about the game that you may also remember from watching it. If you were there.


Dirty Leeds

The little charmers were all about the place and Five-0 were out in force as a result. What positives can you take from a visit from Leeds United’s finest? Well, I suppose, at least that’s their trip here over for another season and we won’t have to have them back in the fine city till at least August.

It takes a very special clump of ronyons to be so objectionable that they’d try and ruin another club’s send off for a much loved player. That they tried - but failed - shows them up for the empathy lacking, oafish fuckwits they are. No doubt if the roles were reversed they would expect the opposition to play along, which we (and most others) doubtless would.

Phil Spector had his wall of sound, a dense, multi-layered, and reverberant sound that was very popular. Leeds have a wall of slap-headed gammon. Whilst they are dense like Spector’s creation, they certainly aren’t popular. They’re so unbearably awful they were even fighting amongst themselves at the end. Cheers lads, nice one. RJ

Teamwork makes the dream work

This season has been a difficult one for many reasons: the home form, the lack of goals, the mid-table finish. But somehow it has been more uplifting than last season, where the players often couldn’t be bothered, they waltzed their way into 8th without ever trying, and we lost at Rotherham and Burton away. That was a team full of people not playing at their best, who weren’t entirely sure if they wanted to be there, and who thought they were a lot better than they were.

This season, although the quality may have been lacking (but plenty of room for improvement from young/new players), Daniel Farke seems to have built a team that wants to play for him and for each other. The post-match pictures, Timm crying with laughter at Alex Tettey, the outpouring of emotion when Wes got substituted: they seem to genuinely care, and surely that’s ultimately what the fans are asking from them? ZW

What next for Weso?

A goal, an assist, astute passing, some lovely touches, hard-working, winning headers and mixing it in midfield. Pretty much the complete performance. Indeed, one could be excused for wondering aloud why Weso is on his way. Of course, it’s for financial reasons. Ours and his.

Certainly, If I were a rival Championship manager I’d be keen to get him on board. He may not be able to perform every week at his age but he showed on Saturday that - certainly against mid-table fodder - he can still make the difference in a game, and what an option he would be to come on from the bench to try and win a match.

That said, I hope he doesn’t move to a club in the same division as us, it would be very hard to see him at FCR in another team’s colours. But whatever he does, I wish him all the very best.

He was once a new hero, he is now an old hero and he will always be a hero. Our hero. Our twinkle-toed, Irish magician. Our Wes.

Thanks for everything, man. RJ


Cor, it rained, didn’t it? My toes were numb by the end, but that’s largely my fault for not wearing any socks. The last game of the season isn’t supposed to be dark and miserable? But, if we had a choice of a shock 90 mins of sunshine or Wes’ shot hammering defender, post and post before dribbling in, we’d all have taken the latter, just to see that smile. ZW

The Dumfries Dreadnought

Madderz was a clear and deserving winner of our player of the season award, or the Barry Butler Memorial Trophy to give it its name (you can use either, it doesn’t matter). It would have been a major shock to see it go to anyone else in fact.

It was also nice and appropriate that Angus’ fine season was recognised by him coming in third. Has a loan player ever featured in the top three previously? I can’t be arsed to research this, so can someone confirm either way please? Ta.

But perhaps most fitting was that Grant Hanley snaffled second place, just as he has snaffled the ball from the opposition on many occasions this season.

The man is a colossus, one of the few players guaranteed to be here next season, and I hope for many years to come. Given a long career here, he’s good enough to write himself into the upper echelons of centre backs we’ve ever had at Norwich and that’s some great company to keep.

Hanley reads the game well, is strong in the tackle and in the air, is deceptively quick and also more of a ‘baller than you’d assume. He’s twenty six years old, and that means he’s coming into the peak years for his position. Make him captain Daniel. The Dumfries Dreadnought is made of strong stuff. RJ


It’s me! It’s Tettey! ZW