Things We Are Sort Of Guessing: Hull City (A)

*GENUINE NEED FOR THE AWAY KIT KLAXON* City travel to play the Humberside Wildcats on Saturday in the ‘Robbie Brady couldn’t fuck off quickly enough after we got relegated’ derby. But who are The Humberside Wildcats and what might happen? Hmmm?


Opposition Overview

Hull City AFC, to give them the name their supporters successfully battled to keep, have struggled after relegation from the Premier League last season and are currently just three points above the relegation zone.

They’ve dispensed with Leonid Slutsky as manager since we last played them and now have in place Nigel Adkins, who since he joined in December hasn’t really made much impact as they were just three points above the relegation zone when he joined.

I guess at the moment they’ll just settle for Adkins keeping that level of consistency so they can end the season just three points above the relegation zone. Though this will probably be through the utter ineptitude of the teams below them rather than any efforts on their part.

They lost at the KCOM Stadium to Millwall last time out and are even worse at home than we are. Both teams have only won five matches in their own front rooms. We have managed one more draw then them at eight to their seven meaning we’ve only lost five at home to their six. So basically, we feel their pain.

Nelson got a late, late, late equaliser against Hull at nFCR earlier in the season. After being dropped midweek will he be back in from the cold and back in the fold or will Sir Benny of Norwich lead the line again?

Watch out for former City stopper David Marshall warming the Wildcat’s bench on Saturday. If you’re catching a Club Cabbage coach to the game have a quick look at the nFCR car park as you board. You can still see the scorched rubber tyre marks that Marshall left there in his haste to leave after we were relegated to League Un. RJ

Fun Facts

Hull is currently the UK’s City Of Culture. Ipswich applied for the title but were turned down on the grounds that the only culture found there were large colonies of Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Gardnerella vaginalis and Mycoplasma genitalium.

Hull’s nickname is now ‘The Tigers’ and their kit mirrors that of a tiger’s colours. They were previously known as the Octopuses and had a kit to match. They were forced to change this however as opponents complained when their shirts kept changing colour to blend in with the background giving them an unfair advantage. RJ


RJ: With Hull’s sub-Norwich home form and our sterling away record I am going to jinx it and confidently predict an away win. I know right?

Rich Reckons: City of Culture Club 0 - City of Cathy Dennis Club 1.

CT: Keep calm and carry on, Norwich are away. Time to crank this machine back into business, and get our mojo back. Midtable oblivion is seemingly our fate now so the very least we can do is aim for the giddy heights of 12th. With the Tigers struggling, victory is well within the realms of possibility. Let’s aim for the kill.

Clare Calculates:  A bog standard 1-0 Madders stunner-back 5 wonder-clean sheet Gunn(er).

ZW: Back to the away wins for me, play it cool Trig, play it cool. I write every week that our aim should be for the top half of the table and every week it seems to elude us for one reason or another. But bloody hell, we’re better than 14th aren’t we? Timm to score.

Zoë Assumes: Hull KR 1-2 Norwich City

SW: “It’s not that bad” is how everyone from Hull at my university seems to defend their hometown. Indeed, I’ve heard they’ve had the town  repaved as a result of being the CITY OF CULTCHA, which is nice. Not quite the pedestrianisation of Norwich City centre, but nice nonetheless. Oh you want me to talk about the football?…tigers...*inaudible nonsense about that bloody investment scheme*

Seb Foresees: ANYTHING BUT A DRAW. OH LORD, PLEASE. Hull City 1-1 Norwich City.