Things We Are Sort Of Guessing: Nottingham Forest (H)

I’d like a second class return to Dottingham please. That’d be a bit daft mate as we’re at home, you mug. Yes, the tricky trees uproot themselves and travel to nFCR for a floodlit footie fest. What’s going to occur?  We don’t know but that’s not stopped us waffling on about it.


Opposition Overview

Forest raised some eyebrows when they used their loaf and sacked Mark Warburton back in December, it cost them some dough no doubt, but it’s proved to be a good move. The slice of fortune they needed. Plus, with new manager Aitor Karanka more than earning his crust after spending some bread in January. They’re on a roll, have risen up the table and their fans can take some crumbs of comfort from this season, when earlier on they looked like they might be toast.

Karanka (who shares his name with Spain's leading sliced bread brand) has shown he knows what it takes to get a side promoted from this division, and his steadying impact at Forest and their recent upturn in form has the sense of something building at the City Ground. We have fond memories of the last occasion we played against a Karanka team, but not so much from the previous two times. The ground out, dogged and ‘professional’ performance that his Middlesbrough team put in during their 1-0 win at nFCR is likely to be the template for his game plan on Tuesday.

Forest are undoubtedly one of the sleeping giants of English football. It’s very much a case of when, not if, they’ll return to the Premier League, and Karanka seems to be a man who could deliver that to them, perhaps as soon as next season.

Unbeaten in their last four games and with a stand-out 2-0 away win over Wolves in their recent repertoire, it’s clear this could be a difficult game and nobody will be surprised if our goal shy home form continues. RJ

Fun Facts

Don’t call them Notts Forest, I mean you wouldn’t call their city rivals Nottingham County would you? County’s ground is inside the City boundary, whereas Forest’s, being just over the other side of the Trent, is not. So really they should be Nottingham City and Notts County Forest, or something. Just don’t say it to any of them. OK?

Matches between the two teams are known as ‘Terences’ after the 1980s singing sensation Terence Trent D’arby. Forest comfortably lead in the head to head with 40 Terences to County’s 30.

Ironically the snake-hipped songster was actually a Derby fan, probably Forest’s main rivals, with his Rams-crazy Dad giving him the full name of Terence Trent D’arby County in their honour.

Terences used to be played across the river Trent with both teams taking long shots at each other’s goal. This practice came to an end after the tragic death of County’s Willie McAntiland who drowned whilst attempting an elaborate free-kick routine. RJ


RJ: I can’t see this being full of goals, and I fear another goalless draw or, even worse, a classic away performance which nicks the win. We don’t score or concede many and Karanka’s sides are usually also miserly at both ends of the pitch. That said, Nelson has to start scoring regularly again at some point and who better against then a former employer?

Rich Reckons: One nil to the Farkenal. BeWILDerwood 1 - Nottingham Forest 0.

CT: Unfortunately I'm missing this game. I didn’t make last season's game against Forest, either. A game in which absolutely nothing happened except we won 5-1 and Jonny and Wes put on a worldy show. Imagine missing the best goal ever scored at CR? Yeah. No biggy.

While I would love for a repeat I fear this season’s fare will be rather more dull. Timmy is back though, and the gang are fighting fit and raring to go. That extra bit of energy might just be the difference. So Madders, if you want to step into Jonny H’s boots and bag yourself an absolute wunderziel, I’m prepared to deal with the mental agony of missing it. Fill your boots.

Clare Calculates: A 2-1 win, and a stonking goal from someone in yellow just to torture me.

ZW: Hopefully the enforced break over the weekend has left the Norwich players refreshed and raring to go. Indeed, most of them seemed fairly gutted not to be playing on Saturday, if social media is anything to go by. Timm will be back so we should be playing our now-familiar formation and I reckon the lads will be inspired under lights. A win is coming our way.

Zoë Assumes: Norwich City 2-0 Nottingham Forest. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

SW: ‘Snow fun having no football to watch, so I’m glad we’re playing again this Tuesday. There’s nothing like a draw-written-all-over-it game between two quite average sides under the floodlights, is there? Really gets the heart pounding, the adrenaline pumping. I fancy Goaliveira for a netbuster, but then I predicted him to score a hattrick last time and, rather annoyingly, he chose not to do one. Shocking behaviour, really.

Seb Foresees: A reverse of the reverse of the reverse of the reverse of the reverse fixture. Daniel Fucker 1, Aitor Kawanka 0.