Things We Sort Of Learned: Bolton (H)

We absolutely slaughtered Bolton 0-0. Murdered them. If it had been a boxing match it would have been stopped at half-time. But it was a football game, and one of two halves. Well they all are aren’t they? But what I mean is, oh just read it already.



Well, that was a curate’s egg of a match. Some of it was bad. But some of it was good. Very good in fact. So can it have been a bad game?

We missed several more than presentable chances in the first half, in which we played very well. There was some lovely link up play and the flicks, fannies and farts were working a treat. The finishing wasn’t however.

From the chances we had we should have been at least 2-0 up at half-time, and it wouldn’t be hyperbole to say we could have had four or five.

But we didn’t.

The second half was like Murmeltier-Tag, as a dogged and resolute team put their bodies on the line and used all their professional wiles to frustrate us. We ran out of ideas and there was no magical added time goal on this occasion. How many times have we seen that happen this season?

The fact of the matter is that at our worst we are still too slow in transition, we don’t have enough width and there aren’t enough players making runs ahead of our midfield to give them options. They end up passing it among themselves allowing the opposition to organise. It’s been this way all season. That said, if you miss gilt edged chances like we did, you don’t deserve to win games.

Five home wins all season is relegation form, thank goodness for the promotion chasing away form. We’ve only beaten one of the bottom six teams at home (Birmingham), losing to Sunderland (LOSING TO SUNDERLAND!) and drawing with Burton, Barnsley, Hull and now Bolton. No easy games, respect to them all etc. but that’s just not good enough. RJ

Oh Mo. Oh Awful.

Mo Leitner’s performance about summed up Norwich. A lot of great things came from them. Determined to stop the ball hitting the net; unfortunately at either end.

His first half miss was so bad it was almost funny; one can only presume the shock of having the whole penalty area to himself made him question where he really was. And, as if that wasn't enough, his tiny weeny ass managed to get in the way of Reed’s goal bound shot in the second half. He even threw in an injury time foul throw which resulted in Daniel Farke sent off, thus completing the perfect hat-trick.

We love you, Mo. But oh no. CT

Farke Off

Our normally cool wie eine gurke head coach allowed his frustration to get the better of him as he contested a throw in decision and pumped the ball away in annoyance. Being sent to the stands for his trouble.

It must be intensely frustrating to him, as it is to us, when you can see time running out to get the result we all want but he’s normally so calm and rational in every situation that this was a bolt from the blue.

I’ll level with you. I kind of liked it. RJ

Long Tall Sammy

Sammy Ameobi was a lanky so and so. His legs were so long he looked like he was wearing old skool football shorts. He made Zimmbo look small, which is just plain rude. And he was an annoying little (big) shit who needs to learn what 10 yards is. Even having the number on his shirt didn't appear to help him.

Maybe it was because he stood out in a Fellaini kind of way, but everything he did irked me; his childish petulance belied his size. You may be grown up in height, Sammy, but not in attitude. CT

The Cuban Missile

Hernandez is fast isn’t he? Got some tricks in his locker. He does his defensive work too. On several occasions in the first half he put on a spurt from a standing start to nip in front of an opponent and get the ball.

There were also some lovely moments of link-up play in and around the Bolton penalty area.

He was less effective in the second half, as was everyone, and he was substituted late on in the game. But I saw enough on his full debut to think that he is going to be exciting to watch, he also looks to be a better all-round player than Wildschut.

I guess you could say, I’m looking forward to Havana nother look at him. What? RJ

Waste of time

It was very nice of the ref to give us six minutes of injury time, but where the hell did he get it from? Five subs, yes, but no real injuries. Resolutely no goals. Sure, Bolton weren't in a hurry, but I'm not sure they amassed three whole minutes of wastage and there have certainly been far worse culprits than that on show today.

However, given our recent late, late shows, it would be remiss to bemoan a strangely bountiful amount of Farke time. Unfortunately on this occasion the man himself merely took this into his own hands (or rather feet) and the only late, late show was that of Daniel disappearing. CT