Things we are sort of guessing: Brentford (a)

It seems like yesterday we played Brentford. Because it kind of was. But a lot has happened in those few short weeks; the Bees have gone on a run, Norwich have gone on a jog, lots of players have left, lots have arrived, Chelsea came, and despite our best efforts, left full-handed.

 And here we both are again.  But what will happen this time? The LYBP team take a guess. 


Opposition Overview

After winning five out of the last six games, it’s safe to say that the Bees are a’buzzing.  The sheer splendour of beating woeful Norwich set them on their merry way, and now sitting just three points outside of the play-offs, they can smell that sweet nectar of the top six and the Promised Land™.

Danish striker, Lasse has found his Vibe, and has been sticking the ball in the net on a regular basis, with seven in the last eight games. 20 year old central defender Chris Mepham came into the side against Norwich but has impressed so much in just a few weeks that Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe has already payed a visit to watch him. Either that or he fancied a pint in one of Griffin Park’s never-before-spoken-of pubs on every corner. With players full of confidence all over the park, including the ginger version of Messi, aka Ryan Woods, and of course the very lovely Sergi Canos, it’s safe to say things are certainly looking rosy (with a hint of titian) at Griffin Park.

Brentford are a footballing team, which is always a handy quality for a football team. They have some impressive stats, and I’m not talking about the fact that they found  a rectangle of land between four pubs to build their ground, although that IS impressive.  They know where the goal is, and currently are Top of the Shots, with 153 on target. They enjoy a bit of possession too…having an incredible 80% against high-flying Derby. Unfortunately for them only 42 of those 153 shots have actually crossed the goal line, and it took a last minute equaliser for them to scrape a draw with Derby, despite the possession.  But let’s not allow stats get in the way of good stats.

Facing an in-form Brentford football team will be a tough test for a sort-of-inform-but-with-a-little deviation Norwich football team. Thankfully we have had a whole week off, and are free of the 130 minutes of mental and physical exertion that ultimately ruined Saturday. We’ve also subsequently plundered Bundesliga 6 for their finest. Let them loose and anything could happen.CT.

Fun Fact

In 1967, the then Brentford Chairman and Labour Politician, Jack Dunnett, caused uproar after he agreed to the sensible plan of selling Griffin Park to near neighbours QPR so they could play there instead.  Strangely, the Brentford fans were not so keen, and after 38 days of demonstrations and protests the sale collapsed, with Dunnett forced to sell all of his shares in the club. He immediately became the Notts County chairman, but stood down 20 years later after admitting benefiting from a deal that allowed the club to pay rent to his own security company.  And we thought Robert Chase was a little devil*.

Squeaky clean Dunnett went on to become the President of the Football League. Obviously. CT

* this is incorrect. Robert Chase was in fact a BIG FAT devil.


CT: After a well-deserved rest from football matches this week, I am expecting the lads who have avoided motor vehicular injury to turn up at Griffin Park full of vim and vigour. They will need it, because the Bees are buzzing and ready to sting. Spray yourselves in insect repellent, lads.

Clare Calculates: After both sides having 284 shots on goal, I am predicting one apiece to actually enter the nettage area. A highly entertaining 1-1 draw.

RJ: This will be a tough game, we urgently need to get our high levels of defensive cohesion and concentration back. If we do then we could win here, like we did at Brisdol Ciddy. We may get to see Marcus Edwards for the first time and perhaps our new Coobun/German - 1L Hernandez, who from the pictures I’ve seen should ask for previous haircut crimes to be taken into account. However bad 1L’s crimes against the do were, they have nothing on Sergi Canos’ latest monstrosity which he sported at nFCR just before Christmas. Brentford will be glad to have their prolific Danish striker performing back at Griffin Park. Yes folks, they’ll be glad to see *ahem* LASSE COME HOME. Woof woof!

Rich Reckons: We fail to repeat our early season Crab Cake Cup win at the befourpubbed Griffin Park. Busy, busy Bees 2 Norwich Cidees 1

ZW: I’m still reeling from Sergi Canos paying tribute to a dead Teletubby (Tinky Winky is of course forever in LYBP’s heart) on social media this week. How very peculiar. Hopefully the Norwich players, who were obviously over-tired last week as they kept shouting and stropping at each other, have kissed, made up and slept in the last seven days and are ready to rock and roll again. Let’s go boys, there’s some tough fixtures coming up.

Zoë Assumes: A win, as always. Brentford 1-2 The Mighty Yellows.

SW: The unpredictability of our new entourage of German footballers is exciting. They might all be total shite, but it’s exciting nonetheless. It should provide the team with a much needed boost, and perhaps Leitner will even remind Oliveira how to score goals. However, I’m more hopeful than expecting.

Seb Foresees: Brentford 1-0 Norwich City