Things we sort of learned- Bristol City (H)

Not a lot happened. And yet somehow Richard Jeffery and Clare Thomas have written something about the absolutely unremarkable 0-0 draw with Bristol City. Even we aren’t sure how we managed it.


All Hail The Zero’s

Another 0-0. Life at Carrow Road is not exactly rip roaring at the moment. In fact, my parents- gutted to be missing the last three home games while on their holibobs-  missed one single solitary goal. One. In THREE games. We definitely aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto.

However, while the moaners turn their attentions to our lack of firepower, I have decided to take my enjoyment from watching the defending. Actually revel in it. I'm getting my thrills from Zimmbo’s slide tackles and Timmbo’s no nonsense. From Pinto’s tight clearances, Steipo’s common sense. From Gunnbo’s concentration, the togetherness of our fab five, and the sheer determination.  THOU SHALL NOT PASS.

We may have become experts at keeping clean sheets at both ends, but it's a bit of a novelty this defending lark. And I like it. CT

A Trybull Quest

Can he kick it? Yes he can. He may have the scraggy bearded appearance of an IT Support Technician (although I’ll wager his personal hygiene is better), but boy, have we found ourselves a player.

He was everywhere on Saturday. Mopping up, dropping deep, winning headers, making interceptions, winning tackles, surging forward.

More than that though, he keeps us ticking over. Always available to receive the ball, and moving it on with short, smart passes- he is fast becoming a cult hero and deserved his MOTM award.

We gave him a year’s contract, apparently with an option for us to extend for another year. I think we should perhaps be offering him a longer one before then.

By his own admission, he’s not had the greatest last few years after showing early promise in his career but seems to be finding his feet again at Norwich. Some players just work at certain clubs, Robert Fleck with us for example, and maybe that’s the case with Trybull.

I hope so, because he is one of the major reasons our defensive woes have ended, and I’d like to watch him play in yellow for a long, long time. RJ

Farke the Parka

Parka watch took a new twist when Daniel Farke decided to dispense with his coat altogether mid way through the second half. But this was not a gentle removal; in a rare moment of overspilling frustration from Mr Cool, the innocent on-trend jacket was aggressively flung onto the bench. Daniel even does angry with style.

Let's face it, kicking of water bottles is so tinpot. CT

West Side Korey

Korey used to be one of us, East Coast. He was Wu Tang. He’s now West Coast, like Dre. But we never act like we forgot about him.

He came through the youth ranks with us, was an integral part of our League One promotion team and played 28 times the following season as we barnstormed our way to the Premier League. So there will always be a lot of goodwill towards him at FCR.

He had a decent game on Saturday (one late wild shot aside), and looks to me like a decent Championship level midfielder. He has had, and will continue to have, a good career.

You early leavers (why do you do that?) will have missed this but, after the game he was one of the last Bristol players to go to their fans and give them the customary ‘thanks for your support lads’ clappage.

After he’d fulfilled that duty, he walked back past the before then moribund Barclay End. As one, it warmly applauded him. It felt like it was in respect for his efforts that day and in gratitude for his time with us, and he responded in kind.

He looked chuffed with the reception he got. I have to admit as I clapped him, and thought about the good times, I had a little something in my eye.

Lovely stuff. RJ

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

I'm worried about the Big Screen. I hope someone's looking after it; giving it some oil and a bit of a spin when no one's around. I actually glanced to my left to check it was still there on Saturday, such has it been absent from Barclay life in recent weeks. I miss it's big green GOAL face. Maybe it could turn towards us during the pre match build up next time so we can get re-acquainted. Just in case. CT