Things we sort of learned- Sheffield Utd (A)

Sean Bean, Jessica Ennis, er...that’s it. Your boys took a hell of a beating. None of the LYBP crew went to the game but Richard Jeffery has done a TWSOL anyway as that’s how committed we are to your reading pleasure. You lucky people.


Wilder Than Hell

None of us like to lose, of course not. It’s a blow to the ego, and to your hopes and dreams. How you treat the imposter of disaster, though, says a lot about you as a person and sadly Chris Wilder came out of our deserved victory over his Sheffield United team in a very poor light.

We came into the game at Bramall Lane off the back of a draw against Burton, in which they wasted time and held us to a frustrating draw. Indeed, it prompted me to write this.

Frustrating though it was, our manager didn’t have a hissy fit and kick over some bottles, getting sent off for his troubles. Nor did he bitch like an upset toddler in his post match interview. The Sheffield United manager’s post match chat with the media was so pathetic it has to be revisited several times to be believed. Here it is.

All teams do it, Chris. Your cleaner than clean lads would do the same. The difference being we didn’t whine on about it like whiny whingers when it happened to us. It also seems that most Sheffield United fans who are aghast at ‘professional’ behaviour, must be under the age of 16 and don’t remember this.

Mind you, this is the Alma Mater of Neil Warnock, a club who took West Ham to court after being relegated in the Carlos Tevez affair. Hardly surprising they’re bleating on about losing a home game. Perhaps they’ll appeal to the FA. Let’s not count on the three points just yet lads.

A Win Away From FCR

I couldn’t, and indeed didn’t, predict an away win for us, even after our improved solidity post Millwall.

The return of Timm Klose, the placing of Marco Stiepermann at left back and the arrival of Tom Trybull alongside Alex Tettey shielding the back four, has now led to three consecutive clean sheets- something that not many of us would have foreseen after our start to the season.

The fact that this formation held out under pressure at Bramall Lane is very encouraging as we look to the rest of the season. Resilience in defence is the building block to winning games, so if we have that locked down we can work on trying to score more goals at our leisure.

Return To The Bad Old Days

Sadly some Sheffield United fans, perhaps encouraged by their manager's behaviour, attacked some Norwich fans who were waiting to board the official club coaches. We all know the fans who use the official club travel aren’t the ones who either want, or indeed provoke, trouble.

I wasn’t there so don’t know the in’s and out’s, but suffice to say some Sheffield United fans were arrested (eventually) and some Norwich fans went to hospital.

Sheffield’s a great place and I know these idiots aren’t representative of the city as a whole, but it leaves a bad taste.


Well. It seems that despite being written off almost as soon as he joined us, perhaps only because his name was internet #bantz friendly and easily changed to WILDSHIT, Yanic has started to come into his own.

He looks a powerful, direct threat on the wing and his goal that got us the win on Saturday was a great finish.

Whisper it, that signing fee could well be worth it. Especially as it was actually far less than the one the WILDSHIT h8rs are happy to quote.

Man Of The Match

Hail to the bus driver,

Bus driver, bus driver,

Hail to the bus driver,

Bus driver-man.

He screams and he cusses,

He rams other busses.

Hail to the bus driver,

Bus driver-man.