Things we sort of learned - Burton

Burton and Hove Albion came, saw and weren’t conquered. Seb Ward and Richard Jeffery are on hand to talk you through just a few of the major talking points of what was almost certainly one of the most exciting games of association football ever to have been staged.

LYBP things vs burton.png

Farke in a Parka

Some people have made the point that ‘Farkelife’ doesn’t quite work if you pronounce Farke correctly. But I’d argue this small inconsistency leads itself to a whole new phenomenon, an entirely new song: Parka-life. I expect the lower Barclay to all be wearing them at the next home game if they’re truly serious about this ‘singing’ malarkey.

Farke’s wardrobe must be full of them, in different shades of black, grey and khaki. Tonight ‘r kid was rocking a Liam Gallagher classic and was far more rock ’n’ roll than anything on the pitch. SW

Norwich fans like to boo

We probably didn’t learn this and it’s probably not new,

But reminded we were: Norwich fans love to boo.

It’s the grumble, the sigh, the groan mixed in one,

It’s the continued outrage that Grant Holt has now gone.

It doesn’t take much, to send a city fan fuming,

Just one misplaced pass and ‘Farke-out’ they’re booming.

But we’ve stopped conceding goals, and that must be good,

Perhaps something about ‘it’ll take time’ and ‘progress’, that they’ve misunderstood?

That nil-nil with Burton sure wasn’t fun,

But does it really need a boo – a boring, tired, pointless, shitty boo – when it’s all said and done?


Murphy should have scored and we should have won 1-0. He didn’t, we didn’t. That’s football. This habit of booing is not useful. SW

Came for a Burton

I counted the Burton fans. Some of them kept moving and the JUMBOTRON™ big screen was in the way a bit, but I can tell you that they numbered somewhere between 160 - 180.

This is not intended to disparage them, oh no. Indeed I salute them. A still small club who have had a meteoric rise through the leagues, slap bang in the middle of the large conurbations of Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent, Derby, Nottingham and Leicester with all their long-standing professional teams. Add to that that they got a roasting at Leeds on Saturday. This time it was midweek, crap weather and where we are geographically means it is hardly surprising they didn’t bring hordes of travelling fans.

Those fans that did travel have probably been with them since the non-league days, they only got into the football league in 2009. So, I don’t begrudge them their point and it must be amazing to them that their team has got to where it is, held their own last season and is now playing at stadiums like Elland Road, FCR and the like. Football, isn’t it? Marvellous.

Long may it continue, and all power to them. RJ

A divorce with the Husband

A second consecutive clean sheet was perhaps the only upside in a game that undernourished in most other departments. Klose, who earned a lot of plaudits for his performance against Birmingham, was once again solid in the centre. But for every Batman there is a…a...a Stiepermann, right?!

Okay, okay, so he may not be blessed with any real superpowers, but he sure did get up and down that left wing well. He seems less fretful on the ball than his predecessor James Husband, whose tenure in that position was as short-lived as a Donald Trump advisor. SW

Formation & Frustration

Did we need to play Tettey and Trybull against Burton? Was it frustrating that the referee didn’t stop Burton’s timewasting, which started early in the first half? Should Maddison have started the match?

All irrelevant and all excuses. We didn’t do enough to win the game. The personnel we had on the pitch should have been enough to do the job irrespective of formations and the referee’s performance.

It felt like it was going to be one of those nights from quite early on, and all I can say is I’ve seen us lose many games like that, so I was thankful for that small mercy as I trudged home through the rain. RJ