Things we are sort of guessing - Burton

Matches in the Championship keep coming, don’t they? This means the Little Yellow Birders (Rich, Clare, Seb and Zoë) have to keep guessing. What might we expect from the visit of the Brewers?

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Oppo Overview:

Burton had a brilliant time of it last year. It was their first time playing practically all of the Championship clubs - like, ever - which really is quite barmy if you think about it long enough. Their manager (son of one of the all-time greats, according to Wikipedia) turned down ‘bigger’ clubs to stay and ‘finish the job’ at Burton. And finish the job they did, staying up and beating the mighty Norwich at home along the way.

So, if staying in the Championship means it’s job done, what to expect from Burton this season? Early signs are that the foot has leaned ever so slightly away from the accelerator pedal. Albion are 22nd in the league, and have lost 4 of their opening fixtures. This includes a rather humbling 5-0 defeat against Leeds United on Saturday. Do they have the strength, or the ability, to bounce back from that loss just 3 days later?

Fun fact:

Burton only reached the 3rd round of the FA Cup for the first time in their history in 2012-13, which really wasn’t that long ago.


ZW: The wheels are in motion now, we’ve had a 1-0 victory, we’re going to win the league. A win on Tuesday evening would calm a lot of people down and take the pressure off, and a few goals wouldn’t go amiss either. We have to take advantage of one of the favourites for relegation being low on confidence in order to build up our own.

Zoë Assumes: 3-1, two clean sheets in a row is too much to even dream of.

RJ: Burton were literally steam rollered by Leeds at the weekend (I use ‘literally’ in it’s football sense, i.e. ‘not literally’), losing as they did 5-0 at Elland Road. So what we may find rocking up at FCR is a team who will be desperate to avoid a repeat and who will pack their defence as a result, looking to hit us on the counter. If so it will be an interesting test of the team’s and the crowd’s patience. We have the players to unlock such a defence however.

Rich Reckons: A barnstorming, steam rollering of a 4-0 to the Norwich.

CT: As satisfying as grinding out a 1-0 was on Saturday, I'm kind of hoping we go back to the ‘total football’ dream for this one and give Burton a tonking. Unfortunately they've just had one and I fear, like Rich, that they are going to turn up to frustrate us and stick 11 men, their bus and all their luggage behind the ball. So, I'm reigning in my cricket score dreams for a more realistic, but equally pleasing win, with some late goals after finally breaking Burton's resolve.

Clare Calculates: A very hard fought 2-0. And another clean sheet. Crazy girl.

SW: Contrary to some popular kitchen roll advertisements, One Sheet Does Not Do Plenty. And by that I mean clean sheets — we got one and now I want another. With King Klose at the back I’m feeling far more confident we’re going to get it. Oliveira is proving so slick up front it’s as if he’s been lathered in a moisturiser bearing the same name. He’s clearly happier than he was in August, and we must keep him that way. Happy. Smiley. Goal-score-y.

An early goal will be crucial, as the longer the Brewers hold out the more intoxicating their direct, abrasive style of play will prove. It’s time to shine under the Carrow Road lights.

Seb Foresees: City to secure a 3-0 victory after a tricky first half.

From this week onwards, the Little Yellow Birds will be going head-to-head with their TWASOG predictions for a chance to win the coveted Brigham/Rogers Bantz Memorial Trophy

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