Things We Sort of Learned – Fulham (A)

Football actually started happening again this weekend. Hurrah! Clare Thomas was at Fulham to see all manner of new things. Here’s what she sort of learned.

Get your frump on

I had a right old frump on at half time. To distinguish this from an unattractive, dowdy woman, a frump is a grump brought on only by watching Norwich at Fulham. Where, no matter how well we play, luck always seems to conspire against us. One nil down to an own goal. I won't lie, I honestly thought that was how the game would end; no matter how good our performance was. So to say I celebrated Nelson What's-His-Name’s late goal with jubilation is an understatement. Ok, we still haven't won at Craven Cottage since staying up until 9pm to watch Dynasty was the highlight of my week. But on my tenth visit to the cursed place, I left feeling more positive than in all the previous nine combined. That second half was seriously impressive and I'm rather excited.

Next time, Fulham. Next time.


Those of us at the game didn't really realise what Oliveira had done. I was more annoyed he’d taken his shirt off and got himself booked. What he did with said shirt was of no concern at the time, we were all too busy celebrating. Many comments have been made about it since. I'm annoyed he turned around and did it for a second time, but ultimately it showed Nelson has a burning hunger to play and adrenaline overcame him. More importantly, it also gave us an opportunity to see Daniel Farke’s sense of humour. ‘It was really kind of him to show me the shirt’. Publicly, he dealt with it perfectly. 

We've got a good’un.

He’s just a man in jacket

Special mention must go to Daniel Farke’s jacket. A rather stylish hooded wax jacket/raincoat number cinched in at the waist with drawstrings. Trendy yet practical, big thumbs up from me. Also, given the torrential downpour before the match, he is obviously a man who always comes prepared. A meticulous start. 

Game of Cards

We won't face many tougher days on the wings than against Fulham, who possibly have the best players in the division in that position. In the first half they left us exposed almost every time they surged forward, yet as the game went on and Daniel Farke shuffled the pack, our boys came up trumps and emerged admirably from a very tough game. And all without Farke having a full squad to choose from. 

Zimmer(is the)Man(n)

Zimmermann. My word. So many words: Wall. Barrier. Dam. Blockade. Any other words that might describe an impassable object.  My penchant for calling him Zimmerframe (oh, the lols) is going to have to be gestoppt because it's possibly the most unbefitting pet name ever imagined. I guess I could argue it's ironic.

All the Germans. So many Germans.

Whoever came up with that Farkelife chant - I love you. Blur-dy love you.