Things we sort of learned - QPR (H)

Three points! Floodlights! Goal music! Clean sheet! Richard Jeffery is back from his holidays to make everything ok again. Here’s what he learned, while having to deal with endless compliments about his suntan. 

It’s OK, I’ve got this.

Having been doing important work overseas*, this was my first chance to have a gander at the new era. The effect my calming presence in the stands had on the team was obvious from the off, this was much more what we all had in mind.

It was the lineup that most of us wanted to see and while it wasn’t a sizzling performance, and it was only QPR, it certainly had its moments and we looked a solid team.

In fact, since I landed back on UK soil we have scored 3 goals and conceded none, landing as I did just before Lewis Grabban knocked one in for us on Sunday.

Don’t worry, I’m not going away again.

*Narrowly but gallantly failing to rid Corsica of all of its wine.

The Ginger Wall

Harrison Reed. Hulluvaplaya Nayul. His all action style puts me in mind of the Tasmanian Devil cartoon character. A snarling blur of red haired movement a body flies through the air and Reed comes away with the ball.

The Red Menace.

He was everywhere, tackling, snapping, barging, heading, poking, shouldering, passing and thriking. What a ghoul it was. I was sat in line right behind him as he hit it and it was one of those ‘in the moment he hit it’ shots. A thoroughly deserved goal to top off a MOM performance, he looks the business to me.

The Titian Terrier.


Tasty. Very, very tasty. With Reed anchoring things, we have a good base for the more creative players. They all had good games too. 

Maddison sitting deep, assured on the ball, not afraid to receive it in congested areas and very rarely misplacing a pass. He can tackle too. A class act, as we all hoped. Wes was Wes, no further comment needed. Though, whisper it, he looks sharper and fitter than we’ve seen him before. Vrančić was tidy all night and played a delightful ball for the assist for Admiral Lord Nelson Basil D’Oliveira’s goal and Josh Murph was a constant threat. Stiepermann also looked assured when he came on at the end. 

We didn’t quite click tonight, but there was some delightful play and bright, intelligent passing and when the stars properly align and they build more of an understanding, someone is going to get a proper hiding. 

Alex Pritchwho? Only joking, but they showed last night that we will be fine until he gets back, though roll on that day.

Defensive Questions Answered

After the obvious and basic defensive errors for the Sunderland goals and having been scarred in recent seasons by having a collapsing clown car instead of defence, it’s not perhaps surprising that there was some muttering going on from our fans about our new defensive setup and personnel. Last night though, Zimmermann & Franke were immense (literally and figuratively). They stood up to the physical side of the game and barely put a foot wrong. Husband was solid, and it made a difference having Pinto starting. Tougher tests will come for sure, but with Gunn behind them and Reed as the screen, we have the makings of a strong defensive unit.

Special boo to the just a man in a jacket who made Zimmbo stop having selfies and signing things for the fans after the game, what a killjoy. What harm was that doing?

I wish Holloway would Goaway.

Ian Holloway is a bellend. I didn’t learn this tonight, I’ve always thought it. He loves a joke doesn’t he? No he is a joke. 

His contretemps with the 2nd Battalion City Stand Grey Brigade was pathetic (on all sides to be fair) so I felt he deserved the ensuing serenade he got and the later request to tell us the score.

He’s a proper Great British football person, no doubt the kind that Simon Grayson would prefer to see in charge of Norwich rather than a foreigner. 

Well I know who I’d rather have, and he isn’t a tedious yokel Gollum with Dad bantz.