Daniel Farke

We've got a new Head Coach, and everyone is rather excited. Jon Rogers shares what's so special about this appointment, and he doesnt do a single Farke joke. Not even a hint of one. 

There’s a tingle in the air, which is kribbeln in German. And that special little kribbeln will become more and more apparent as the new season gets closer. 
We’ve gone and done the most un-Norwichy Norwich thing possible. We’ve thrown out all the ‘How to be Norwich’ books and plonked a remotely unheard of German manager from actual Germany in the book shelf. 
Sure, he may not have the managerial expertise of say Ryan Giggs, Tim Sherwood or Alex McLeish, but for those outside of Wilkins' Weird World of the Washed-up Wank, we’re embracing change over here. 
Gone are the days of Neil Adams, Peter Grant and any other clanking donkey to drag Norwich out of the stale mediocrity, we’ve gone full pelt foreign.  Not any man, but a man who looks like he should be working at an all-inclusive resort; serving you exotic cocktails by day, playing classical guitar in the evening, and waking up next to you in the morning.
And that’s what we want from him footballing-wise. We want to drink in some exciting, colourful concoctions, enjoy the cultured beauty he has to offer, and end up in some ecstatic positions we’ve never been in before. Bring the sunshine back. 
I’m excited - more than ever - for the new season now. It’s what Norwich has needed for years. Feels so new. New ideas. New platform. New ways. Even typing the word new feels new. New new new.  We've been through everything now.  Internal, external, young, old, experienced, and now foreign. Especially when you look at other teams who have struggled - Ipswich, of course, or others like Derby and QPR, who went back to old managers. Same old, same old. . 
Just quickly - there’s needs to be a special mention for Alan Irvine, which I’m sure there will be when the time comes. I’ll be very surprised if he stays on in any capacity, but my hat is doffed Mr I. Doff.
Daniel’s first job is to assess the team and see who wants to stay, and probably more pressing, who has, or wants, to go. There could be an exodus of strong squad members.  I can’t see Timm Klose, Jonny Howson, or Graham Dorrans playing for us again sadly - and who blames them. Not even Daniel’s reportedly sturdy handshake could influence that.
Then it’s onto the ragbag bunch of players we’ll have left and turning them into super human robots with that german precision that can postage stamp every shot from any yardage.
Then it’s onto filling the gaps. I can put my house on the fact there won't be £1m thrown at Dortmund II’s equivalent of Tony Andreu.
Are we expecting too much from him? Absolutely. Could it all come crashing down on us? Most definitely. He could be a disaster. And if he is, just like a middle-aged couple from Hemsby who had bad prawns in Spain and now refuse to go anywhere further than King's Lynn, we’ll never go abroad again. 
So if, heaven forbid, he is a disaster, this special tingle some of us are feeling won’t come around again. 
So, while it's here, while we still can, while it’s new: enjoy the kribbeln.