Things we sort of learned - Fulham (h)

Norwich played Fulham.  It wasn't 7-1 but it was a lot colder than I thought it was. The performance that is, not the weather. Although the weather was cold too. Brr. Clare Thomas and Jon Rogers tell you all about it. Brr.

Full of Ham
As we sail into official obscurity for the season, Fulham were swanning about Carrow Road like they had just been officially confirmed as having the biggest penises in the league.  The keeper was stuck in smug slo-mo, their defenders never dilly-dallied and as for the strikeforce, nippier than a wet-shirt contest on Snowdonia.

The confidence levels between the two team were so contrasting, it was like...Sandy on the swing vs Sandy in the leather.

Fulham - my new tip for the play-offs.  You heard it here last, stud. JR

Annihilating Reading was special, but weirdly I almost enjoyed the Fulham game more. It was a contest, and a feisty one at that. Yes, frustrating for us on many levels, but Fulham at least turned up. Unfortunately they turned up a bit too well, having revised the ‘How to do a Job on Norwich’ manual (though that isn't the most complex subject).  Despite that, we watched two fairly evenly matched teams- I actually don't think we played *that* badly- in a lively, end to end game. It was a competition as opposed to last weeks procession

It simply wasn't our day. But hey, it never is when it's Fulham. CT

What could he do?
At various points in the game, at least 20,000 people shouted aggressively and/or booed at the referee on Saturday. If you ignore Chris Martin’s Beccles pub flashback, there were no vicious fouls, no flat out cheating, just a slow bending of the rules to suit Fulham’s three points.

What more could the ref do? He booked the goalkeeper for timewasting. He sent off Martin. He added SEVEN minutes extra, and still we couldn’t and didn’t capitalise.

All I could think of leaving Carrow Road was - why can’t WE do that away from home? We can’t we be absolute annoying smug gits away from home? Why couldn’t we make the inhabitants of Huddersfield spit with anger, instead of sing with joy?

Because boy, did we fall for it. JR.

Mur-phed up
Jacob Murphy is worn out. He certainly didn't have his best game . But what stood out on Friday was how improved the ugly part of his game is. He tracked back, tackled. Got in their faces. It didn't always come off but he is a stronger, more worldly player than the one who burst into the team in August, only wanting to run in One Direction. Give him a good rest now and next season could bring us a new improved Ja:Murph mark II. CB.

Chill in the air
Boy, was it cold. I’d lost all feeling in my fingers by half-time, the blood literally drained from them. And that was with me wearing the gloves I frivolously threw in my bag before leaving. Many people were caught out by the sudden nip in the air, arriving sans coats etc. You'd think we’d be better prepared seeing as this is England. We have had a bit of practice.

And like some kind of footballing barometer, Norwich’s performances appear to change in line with the weather. Hot one minute cold the next. Give me the sunny version any day. If not just for the safety of my poor fingers. CB

A man behind me has started to call the Norwich players bananas. Come on, the bananas - he shouts. Not for any other reason we play in yellow, and our defence is easily split, I HOPE. JR