Things we sort of learned - Blackburn

A caretaker manager, disgruntled fans, a plane, four goals, a red card, a substitution. Plenty for Jon Rogers and Clare Thomas to learn, right? Right. WRONG!

Bore fest

zzzzzzgoalzzzzzredcard zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
goal zzzzzzzzzzzzzz The End.

May 8th, hurry. Please. CT


Never seen such a slow, dull performance.  No passion. No urgency. Just already going through the motions when the season is still mathematically wide open. They should have been ashamed of themselves.  No…Wait… I”M TALKING ABOUT THE CROWD. I was tricking you. Slaps on the back all round.

I’ve seen better atmospheres at a silent disco at a funeral.  I tried to get a Mexican wave going in the South Stand when I took off my jumper. Didn't work.  

The reaction to the substitution was bizarre. We needed a left back, as the only protection we had was Wes and he’s shite in the air. Murphy had more pace which is a vital asset when you are down to ten. Pritchard was the only option. Yet, agitated rottweilers again.

Oh well. Only another two and half months to go, and we can stop moaning about the football and start moaning there isn’t any football. JR

Grudge match

I would love to know what Cameron Jerome and Simon ‘Not So Super’ Hooper were talking about as they walked on for the second half..

‘Disallowing that goal ruined last season for me, Mr Hooper’

‘Yeah? Disallowing that goal ruined my whole career, Mr Jerome’

All I know is that Cam scoring twice felt extra enjoyable. And we can only be thankful that Mr Hooper managed to let them stand this time.

But oh how I wished for a hat-trick-completing, last minute, overhead kick winner.

And yes. That droning noise from the sky was pigs flying. CT

Running down the wing for...them

It was nice to see Elliott Bennett back at Carrow Road. He put in a very EllyBenny performance. Like a good admin person. Neat, tidy, ticked all the boxes but without ever wanting to be in the spotlight. He got a very warm welcome as he went over to the snake pit to take a corner. He set the ball down, and then that warm friendly apple pie applause turned into horse shit pie as - god forbid - he may have set the ball a millimetre outside the quadrangle, and everyone in the corner went mad. A simple analogy of the season maybe?

Happy, content fans turned into agitated rottweilers over the most trivial of subjects. Subjects like, oh I don't know…having the wrong CEO, promotion frailties and the lingering managerial appointments. Don't ask me! JR

Jonny Jests

There was a moment of comedy gold right at the end of the game, when an already hobbling Howson got toppled over by a ball ricocheting off one of his own teammates. I dissolved into fits of giggles, as did many around me. It just kind of summed everything up. Norwich City’s season. Painfully stupid. And somehow laughable. CT

Apologies, regret and cleanliness

I met Ivo Pinto afterwards to get my prize of his home shirt for doing a stupid rap about his pants in a competition (never thought I’d write that sentence). Lovely chap. He apologised sincerely for the disappointing season and not winning versus Blackburn. My heart nearly broke as he looked like a little puppy who’d been caught with his nose in a bag of Maltesers.

I collected the shirt from the players lounge, and we all know the saying ‘what happens in the players lounge - stays in the players lounge’ But…[DON’T TELL ANYONE] They are serving free ribena in there for the kids. I know. FREE! I KNOW!

Seriously though, as I sat there waiting for a clean Ivo to turn up, I watched player after player walk through with an aura of disappointment round them. There wasn't any atmosphere. They looked like how we all feel.  Gutted with a healthy dash of what if…. JR