Things we sort have learned - Ipswich (h)

So Norwich and Ipswich drew 1-1 for the the third time in four games. I think it's fair to say the game represented the whole season for Norwich. Coulda woulda shoulda. The whole gang have their say.

Heal, boy. Heal.
When Nelson Oliveria’s foot fell off, there was three-pronged disappointment jabbed into my Norwich promotion party balloon.

One) Nelson was flying at the time, Two) Lafferty was the only second striker and Three) CamJam’s heart and legs sank as he was going to have to do the Sat, Tues, Sat one-man-up top slog all alone.

When we didn't bring in a nippy little Arsenal/Chelsea/Manchester youth striker loan in January to support Nelson and Jerome - it worried me. It terrifies me now, as no matter how many glucose sachets Cameron downs, he runs himself into the ground by 75mins and there’s no replacement.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that - Nelson’s a healer. JR

Somehow the planning meetings for the minute's applause, celebrating Ipswich's 15 glorious years in the Championship, had passed me by. So when the rapturous celebration began, I was quite confused. As realisation dawned, I thought 2 things: 1) this is bloody awesome; and 2) please don't let them score during this glorious minute of mickey-taking.

The applause was one of the rare bits of crowd activity that all of Carrow Road joined in, and we were united briefly in fun, tribalism, and above all, BANTER. ZW

Pancake day appears to have come early. Or at least most of us left the ground feeling flatter than one. For the draw has much bigger repercussions than not being able to beat Ipswich. Our season is over, in February. The last time that happened was ten years ago. To put that into perspective it’s even longer ago than Ipswich’s last derby win. THAT LONG. We always have something to play for, fight for. We are in uncharted territory for the next few months, and I’m not sure how we navigate it. CB

I'd like to congratulate Ipswich. Firstly on winning the European Cup, I wasn't aware they had (#fakenews), and secondly for scoring a goal. They celebrated like crazy. A bit prematurely though. A bit like the premature flare we threw.

The first rule of flare throwing club is, “don't talk about flare throwing club”. The second rule of flare throwing club is “make sure the goal’s not been disallowed before you throw it”.

Apart from wasting a flare and looking stooput, flares remind Ipswich of the 1970s, when they were good. This only encourages them, subsequently with their only real chance, they scored. They loved their goal so much. Probably be an official DVD out, buy one get one free with a DVD of Ando’s goal.

Mick punched the air at the end. For us it felt like a defeat, for them it felt like a win.  RJ

Two Dutchmen, two directions
The January signings of Yanic and Mitch were supposed to put an end to the inconsistency. Instead their own City careers have been marked by similar contrasts of fortune. 

Today’s game sent out two quite clear messages; one’s too good and the other’s not good enough. Mitchell’s marauding runs were elegant in their endeavour and beautiful in their bullishness. A tangible sense of anticipation marked his possession of the ball, and he proved to be the source of City’s most dangerous forays forward. Despite that tussle with McGoldrick, he was, and is, a talent. One whom I doubt will hang about should the ever-likely fate forsake us. 

By contrast, compatriot Yanic Wildschut finds himself firmly in fourth place when it comes to the pecking order of City’s attacking options. Alex Neil’s reluctance to turn to Yanic in big games like this says a lot about his faith in the player. Worryingly, it has the early hallmarks of a transfer akin to that of Lafferty or Canos or whoever — a player who could pass into obscurity having not hit the ground running from minute one. And that’s by no means to say Neil was wrong to bring on Josh and Pritchard instead (or that Lafferty is any good). He came expecting game time and yet it could end in Canos-tastrophe. SW