Preview - Ipswich (h)

It's Norwich verses Ipswich time. Yippie. What we all need. So what better way to preview the game than to speak to Ipswich Town fan and CNN's sports anchor Kate Riley.  So any positive spin on Ipswich is clearly FAKE NEWS. Sad!

Jon: Look. Let’s just get this out of the way – you can have one dig. And I’ll have one dig.  Here we go...How many Ipswich fans does it take to change a light bulb? None, you’re all happy living in Norwich’s shadow. Boom. Your turn.

Kate: Come on! Give us a break. We weren't that harsh to you when you went down to League One. I'm a dad-joke free zone, so... next!

Jon: DAD joke!? Forgot the football, that's too far! Fine. Now, be honest, you can’t be looking forward to the weekend can you? No-one can. I'm certainly not.
Kate: Absolutely not. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, derby days are the best and worst days of the year. I report to a Norwich fan so there's even more on the line this time around!

Jon: He sounds the best boss ever. So, Tom Lawrence, who is easily your best player, who would cause any team problems, who we were rather pleased to see is suspended, - is suspended for being all sweary. That’s a real shame, isn’t it?
Kate: He's been a lifeline this season and we as fans are so grateful for his input. Don't think you're nailed on for a win here just because he's suspended. Town are due a win at your place and I'm confident about a Freddie Sears and David McGoldrick partnership!

Jon: Freddie and Dave. Who would you say is your dangerman?
Kate: Hmm...! Next.
Jon: Ha! That good eh? Ok, who do you fear against us?
Kate: Our manager Mick McCarthy admitted this week that his one to watch is Wes Hoolahan. He knows an East Anglian derby better than anyone. He's quick and tricky on his day. He's been around for what seems like forever, he's not an unknown quantity for Town so we should have done our homework on him. No excuses allowed on this one I'm afraid.
Jon: Ah but once Wes is on it, even the best can’t stop him. Do you have any good memories from the last five years of Norwich and Ipswich games? Just the last five years. No further...

Kate: I'm not sure about any personal memories...! I hardly attended these occasions as a fan. I often watched as a reporter and left my allegiance at the turnstiles. Easier said than done! There's nothing like derby day; from the sleepless night on the eve of the match to the rush of adrenaline at kick off. They're one off experiences - let's hope Norwich don't get promoted this season so we can enjoy these next year too.

Jon: This is a hard one but if you could choose ONE goal from Grant Holt's hattrick, which was your favourite?,

Kate: All of them!

Jon: What!?

Kate: I owe this man a lot; and as a Town fan, that makes me slightly queasy. Norwich's rise through the leagues gave me my big break in tv - and even as a former season ticket holder at Portman Road, I'm not ashamed to admitted. Fair play, we weren't good enough that day (or season!)
Jon: Wow. Brave lady. What are your thoughts on how your club is run, and especially what you think about Mick? He’s doing wonders with what he has surely?

Kate: When you take into consideration that our club doesn't benefit from parachute payments then we're doing alright in my opinion. To finish in the play offs or there or thereabouts have been nothing short of impressive over the last few seasons. I understand the frustrations fans have when they spend lots of money following their club and results don't go their way. It's easy to sit across the pond and stick with Mick McCarthy but for me it's ‘In Mick we trust’ right now. At least until the end of the season and we can reassess.

Jon: Finally, give us a score prediction

Kate: 2-1 Town, of course!

Kate Riley is a sports anchor and correspondent for CNN International based in Atlanta. She currently anchors 'World Sport' throughout the week and on weekends. She is an actually nice Ipswich Town fan. FINALLY.