Things we are sort of guessing: Cardiff (A)

Here we go again. A blooming long way to South Wales, on a Friday night. The Little Yellow Birds gather themselves to take you through the festivities that lie ahead.

Isn't football fun?


Opposition Overview

Neil Warnock is a strangely cheerful soul this season. With Cardiff sitting second in the league with 12 victories out of 19, and on a run of three wins on the spin, there has been little time for Colin Wanker to get a look-in. It's been Neil all the way. In fact, not one FA charge has been served, partly due to Mrs Warnock reading her husband the riot act, demanding the proud* Yorkshireman pay her the same amount whenever he got fined. But, like a barometer, a calm NW is also a sign of how well things are going. And the Bluebirds are positively chirping. Chirpy, chirpy, cheep, cheep. What a splendid time for the positively mute Canaries to visit.

Talking of cheap, Warnock likes to remind anyone who will listen that Cardiff are doing this on a shoestring. That's a SHOE STRING, in case you didn't know. It's important to know Cardiff have no money. That's NO MONEY.

It's all about the sum of the parts:

Organised, experienced, aggressive on the ball, goals come from multiple sources, with not-so-Junior Hoilett and Nathan Mendez Laing leading the way with five each, followed by Joe Ralls and Danny Ward on four. And all that without star player Kenneth Zohore. It's enough to make Norwich fans’ eyes water. Or turn green.

However, according to many opposition managers, Cardiff are also doyens of gamesmanship. Heckingbottom and Warburton have both had a moan, with Wolves manager Nuno Espirito Santo suggesting the referee should have done more to stop Cardiff’s tactics ‘to protect what fans come to see. Football.’

Ahhh. There it is. Even though Neil's smiling, he's still an annoying Colin to others. The world is ok after all. CT


Fun Fact

The Bluebirds fans were fuming when Vincent Tan turned their kit red for a few seasons, but they should be thankful for small mercies. He could have picked their original colours; brown and orange shirts with orange shorts. Yum. This delightful combination was briefly revived in the 1990s, but strangely the kit did not do a roaring trade in the club shop. Unlike Norwich, Cardiff did nothing of note while wearing the worst kit in their history and, thankfully, it has been consigned to the annals of time. CT


CT: it's Neil Warnock's 69th birthday on Friday and I have a feeling he is going to have a stupid, big, annoying, smug smile at the end of the game. Please do not let this happen, Norwich.

Clare Calculates: 3-1 Cardiff. BUT I'M TERRIBLE AT PREDICTIONS.

RJ: There are very few people in football who I delight in us beating more than Neil Warnock and seeing his red angry face coming up with excuses, rants and bitter moans. The man is a huge baby, though he’s a decent manager, I’ll give him that. Sadly, I can see no way in the wide world of sports that we will see his apoplectic face following Friday night’s game.

Rich reckons: Bluebirds 2 – 0 Yellowbirds.

ZW: At least we’re not on telly eh? Not this week, at least. It’s a Friday night, so anything could happen. That’s what I’m telling myself. Especially as everyone will be out Larging It and expecting us to lose. So, it could be a lovely surprise to come in from the pub/finish Gogglebox/crawl in the front door after another nightmare commute to discover that Norwich have done something special.

Zoë Assumes: Cardiff City 1-2 Norwich City

SW:“Oh what fun it is to see Norwich win away, hey!” Ah yes: the festive spirit! There’s nothing quite like it. There’s nothing quite like the spring in your step, the smile on your face. There’s nothing quite like sitting in an empty, characterless stadium, cold, miserable, wishing you were at home but instead watching your team get trounced 3-0. A once in a lifetime* opportunity not to be missed!**

*several times a season

**definitely worth missing. Stick on the Gavin & Stacey xmas special, put your feet up, and get your Cardiff fix that way. After all, you’ve earned it.

Seb Foresees: Cardiff City 3-0 Those Norwich Boys