Things we sort of learned: Preston (H)

What fun that was. And then we got to stay for an extra 15 minutes, which felt a bit like a detention after school when you really want to be somewhere else. Lucky old Clare Thomas and Richard Jeffery got to re-live it for your displeasure.

Preston 2.png

We Started Something...

It all started so well. We looked good, taking the game to Preston. The crowd were vocal and we scored a deserved opener.

Then it all went wrong. We immediately sat back after scoring and let Preston dominate the game. Whether that was intentional on our part or just something the players did naturally, we handed the initiative to the visitors from that moment on and we were slightly fortunate to only concede the one goal. RJ

Magical Madders

‘Surely he can’t score from there? OH YES HE CAN’. Maddison really is super special. And thank God, or we would have scored about 5 goals all season. I reckon he could do with a little rest now, though. He's played a lot of football, and been kicked to Kingdom Come. Ok he's revelled in it, but with Pritchard back let’s give Madders a chance to have a breather, and Pritchard to get some game time. Maybe they could job share. 45 minutes each. It’s win win. Or probably draw draw, knowing Norwich. CT

The Spanish Archer

‘PNE, PNE, PNE’ sang the Preston fans. It must stand for Perpetrate Nasty Elbows. Three times Hugill flung himself through the air and caught Zimmermann with a flying elbow the last time being particularly bad, I thought, with the Preston number nine watching the man and not the ball. Yet the ref, who was blowing up for any and everything else was unmoved on each occasion.

Hugill must model himself on Andy Carroll, though sensibly he’s stopped short of the haircut. RJ

J Low

A confident Josh Murphy would have tucked that ball away with ease after beating Chris Maxwell to it in the first half.

Instead. He. Hesitated. And Preston cleared it.

Josh is one of the best finishers at the club so I'm laying his hesitation firmly at the feet of his cheer(less) leaders. They should boo, moan and groan at themselves for costing us a goal. CT

No Substitute

There was something a little embarrassing about the non sub of Harrison Reed. Surely the bench should have double checked whether he was actually injured? To get to the point of the (original) fourth official holding the board up, the PA guy announcing ‘and replacing no. 4 Harrison Reed is…..’ only for Harrison to refuse to go off and he and Wes waving their little hands around in defiance, was a bit farcical. But then farcical 'substitutions' seemed the order of the day. CT

Defending (or lack of it)

Perhaps Zimmermann’s head was scrambled as a result of the repeated assaults on it from Hugill’s elbows, which was why he tried to usher the ball over the line when a row Z pump was called for. Instead Hugill robbed him, his shot deflecting wide for a corner. Cue more of our trademark defensive lapses.

The ball was swung in, Huntington’s run wasn’t picked up and his powerful header fell to Barkhuizen, unmarked right in front of Gunn, to tap in.

Another poor goal to concede. Three opportunities to clear the danger, three opportunities missed. We can’t afford to keep doing this, and changes of personnel don’t seem to make any difference to our sleepy moments. RJ

4th Official Incident

Yawn. Not going to write about it. So ner. RJ