Things we sort of learned: Barnsley (H)

Well, that was another hard one to watch and indeed write about. Rich Jeffery did both though, the trooper that he is. He’s really tried his best to come up with a few talking points for you to read about.


TEAM BUS FOCUS - The Man Vanhool T917 Astron Integral.

Operated by W. Gordon & Sons (Est. 1914) out of Rotherham in South Yorkshire, this Belgian beauty is the bus that Barnsley FC chose to transport their first team to today’s game at FCR.


Professional footballers are finely tuned athletes, transporting them on just any old bus could risk tiredness in their legs or even injuries, if they’re Matt Jarvis. Not with a Man Vanhool T917 Astron Integral though. The ample legroom, side shifting seats and smooth ride - provided by its state of the art reactive suspension system, spread across three axles - ensure that the team will arrive at their destination relaxed and ready to play.

With a generous height of 3.75m and a length of 14.2m, the T917 has plenty of room for the players to stretch their legs without stooping, which can cause niggling shoulder & back injuries.

48 seats mean there’s plenty of room for the whole playing squad, support staff and management team. The T917 has ample storage underneath the passenger cabin, more than enough for the kit, balls and cones, tactics boards and motivational posters that every top team now takes with them on the road.

Entertainment is catered for, in case the players forget to bring their massive headphones. There are LCD screens, dotted about the cabin and a DVD/CD/MP3 player with a state of the art speaker system for the dubstep and grime tracks that all modern footballers love.

The T917 also boasts airline style overhead lockers for stowing the players’ designer wash bags.

With a workmanlike 480 BHP being produced by its trusty MAN engine, the T917 will accelerate smoothly and quickly, yet be comfortable and quiet cruising at motorway speeds. Don’t worry though, the T917’s environmentally friendly credentials are assured with it meeting Euro 4 emission levels. Sat Nav is standard, so you won’t get lost on the way. It also boasts a courier seat and a continental door for ease of entry and exit.


OK. Enough of the exciting stuff of the afternoon, on to the football...


We scored! Yay! We didn’t lose! Yay! Screeny Mc Screenface got a run out! Yay! Barnsley didn’t win so now won’t have won at FCR for 81 (Eighty One) years. Yay!

Er, that’s it.

I’m down with the project, realistic about where we stand financially and still prepared to give it time. But boy it’s a hard watch at the moment.

We need some quality, leadership and nous bringing in quick smart to turn these home draws/narrow defeats into wins and draws. January is six weeks away. #justsaying

 Fat shaming

 Research has shown that openly mocking people because of their size actually leads to them gaining even more weight. So it’s a really cruel double blow for the individual involved.

I mention this, as the denizens of the Geoffrey Watling City Stand Thorpe Corner were remorselessly picking on one of the Just A Man In A Jackets today about his size, with them all standing and calling him a ‘fat bastard’ in unison whilst pointing at him.

Imagine being fat shamed in front of 25,000 people, yet he still continued on with his work in the face of it all. Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability, and I want you to know that we are with you.

I’ll also add this, from looking across as it was occurring. People (Fat Bastards) who (look like they) live in (the) Glasshouse(s on Wensum Street), shouldn’t throw stones (insults about other people’s weight).


Barnsley were decent, especially in the second half and we can count ourselves as fortunate that we didn’t lose the game, as they always looked the most likely to get a second goal from one of their many fast breaking counter attacks.

They defended tigerishly and competently and we didn’t really open them up, with Adam Davies (their very own German - OK he’s Welsh but he was born there) not really having a save to make. I think he’d have got Murphy’s shot for our goal without the deflection as well.

Cameron McGeehan was tidy and energetic in all he did, and it’s good to see one of our academy products making a name for himself in the game.

Oooo-oh No, injured Tommy Trybull!

Let’s hope this is not a serious injury, as with Tettey still out we would be woefully short (no offence meant Harrison) in the defensive midfield area.

He underlined his importance to us today. Not so much by what he did when he was on the pitch as a lot of that goes unnoticed, but more by how open and vulnerable we were after he left the fray.

Let’s hope our midfield maestro doesn’t have to miss a gaaaaaaame.

The (ongoing lack of) atmosphere

With that stupid endless build up music and then the, let’s face it - uninspirational, Farkelife! blaring out right up until the whistle, there wasn’t much opportunity for the crowd to get going before the game which was actually kicking off as a tepid and unenthusiastic OTBC tried to ring out.

Stop with the music already.

There wasn’t much to lift the crowd, apart from our goal which momentarily raised the noise levels. I’d say the atmosphere matched what was being served up on the pitch, the game got the atmosphere it deserved. Poor.