Things we are sort of guessing: Wolves (H)

The prediction league continues to demonstrate that none of us know anything, but what else can we expect from Tuesday’s visit of Wolves? The Little Yellow Birders are here to tell you.

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Opposition Overview

It will be time to say ‘hello again’ to John Ruddy and Ryan Bennett on Tuesday night, so soon after one of them received a fond farewell and the other sloped off into the shadows with barely a second glance. Only Ruddy is likely to be in the starting line-up, which is a shame, because our tired forwards could do with an easy ride and a few colossal blunders in order to get back on track.

Both Norwich and Wolves have had an exhausting week or so, with twin valiant but ultimately disappointing 120-minute Cup performances followed up by weary league defeats. But before then, the two clubs were the form teams of the division and both teams will be determined to get back to winning ways under the Carrow Road floodlights.

Will the Barclay scoreboard have been fixed?

Wolves have spent loads of money and have a manager in Nuno Esprito Santo who seems to know what he’s doing, so it seems very likely that they’ll still be in the promotion mix come the end of the season. More interesting, though, will be how Norwich perform - will the match be a good indication of whether or not we’re likely to be up there in May too.

So what’s it to be? Another sensational performance under lights? Are Timm and Zimm going to be solid as hell? Will the referee finally be on our side? Will everyone have had at least one good night’s sleep since Sunday? Are we better than Wolves? Will CamJam finally score? So many questions to be answered.

Fun fact

In order for a new wolf cub to urinate, its mother has to massage its belly with her warm tongue.


ZW: The four points I really wanted from Derby and Wolves is now out of the question, but I think it would be a massive moment in the season if we could win this game. It’ll be a really tough one, but there’s no reason we can’t come out on top. Especially after all these vital life lessons we’ve learned in the last week.

Zoë Assumes: Let’s go for a 1-0 win. OTBC!

RJ: It will be nice to give Big John a clap on his return. Sitting behind the goal, I’ve not missed his big reassuring buttocks as much as I thought I would, not at all in fact. I’ve taken to the lithe, reassuring ones of AnGu(nn)s instead. Wolfs will come at us, wave upon wave of Old Gold attacks - in their no doubt natty change colours - breaking against the yellow wall time and again allowing us to counter. I hope we can do a win and we are due some referee based assistance as well. Thank you non-existent footballing gods.

Rich Reckons: Norwich 2 - Wolferhampton Wanderers 0

CT: We could really do without this game but I'm reassured by the fact Wolves will be as knackered as us given their 120 minutes versus Man City, and that they also managed to lose at the weekend. We've both experienced the Championship equivalent of a post European game slump, and this could be a rather leggy affair. I'm not overly sad I am missing it, but I am sad I won't be there to witness Ruddy’s Return. I'm hoping he turns to the Barclay several times. And picks the ball out the net.

Clare Calculates: I have zero points; whatever I predict the opposite happens, so it's a Norwich loss until my curse is lifted.  Wolves to win 2-1, three points to the Canaries and big fat zero for me.

SW: The wind howls outside as I twist and I turn in my bed. I am restless, afraid, alone. If I dare close my eyes I see him. I see it. Those big gangly legs. That big rectangular head.

The darkness closes in around. I sense something coming. My heart rate rises, my body shakes. And then BANG! I see it: Ryan Bennett with the ball at his feet, thinking he can play a 50 yard cross-field pass like Pirlo.

I wake, soon realising my fears are irrational. He no longer plays for us, I try to tell myself. It’s going to be okay. He can’t harm us now. OR CAN HE? *OVERLY DRAMATIC SCARY MUSIC*

Seb Foresees: We've been struggling for goals recently, so I'm going to say for no reason at all that we'll score three. After all, Stranger Things have happened in football. 3-1 The Norwich.

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