Things we sort of learned: Derby (H)

Unbeaten runs don’t last forever, not in the Championship anyway. Norwich came unstuck against Derby, after three games in six days, one of them lasting 120 minutes, proved a step too far. Clare Thomas and Zoë Whitford were at Carrow Road to learn all sorts of things.


Back of the net

For the second game in a week we've been beaten ultimately by tiredness and a referee. But Derby demonstrated ability in the one thing we often lack; ruthlessness in front of goal. We are simply not taking advantage of our chances, many of them so gilt-edged they positively gleam. We could have been 3-0 up in the first ten minutes verus Derby, 3-0 up at Arsenal. But we weren't.

Another striker would be rather lovely, especially with Nelson channelling his inner Darren Anderton, and Cam channelling his inner...Cam. But that would make no difference to Stiepermann scoring instead of hitting the crossbar, or Vrancic putting the ball past the keeper rather than the wrong side of the post. For all our wonderful efforts of late - our finishing is often woeful. Get that sorted and we are rocking and rolling. CT

Don’t apologise

After the game, Timm pondered in his interview whether he got it wrong after he scored, whether he might have been too amped up and keen to win the match. He wondered whether he might have slowed things down, taken the time to address the situation rather than pegging it back to the centre circle, ball under his arm.

You don’t need to apologise for wanting to win the game, Timm, and certainly none of you need to be apologising for not winning this match. Norwich won’t get promoted by drawing all their games, but they will get promoted by gambling and finding three points where it might seem there are none on offer.

In hindsight, yes, a point might have been a good result, but use that as a learning opportunity and apply it to the season ahead. And well done for all your efforts over the last six, gruelling, days. ZW

To fall or not to fall

On Tuesday James Husband went down under the flailing arm of Debuchy, but according to many the way he fell wasn’t natural enough. On Saturday, Josh Murphy stayed on his feet despite the flailing arms of Scott Carson and got accused of naivety.

No. No. NO.

Both were penalties, it shouldn't matter what the ‘victim’ does. If it's a foul, IT’S A FOUL. Murphy stayed on his feet because he had got past the keeper and the beautiful big goal was empty in front of him. Any footballer should try and score in that position and it would have been far easier to do so than taking the penalty with the goalkeeper back in front of the net again.

I'm not sure exactly what it is we need to do to get a penalty, but let’s get things straight here. It was Carson, Debuchy and the referees that got things wrong. Not Josh. Not Hubby. Stay honest, lads. CT


The scoreboard on the Barclay, the one I always look at, stopped working at some point before the end of the first half and to be honest that distressed me more than losing did. ZW

Arise, Sir Zimmermann

Special mention must go to Zimm’s amazing covering tackle, after Angus made a rare error of judgement coming out of his area to get a ball and, well, didn't. Zimmbo appeared from nowhere like a gallant knight riding in on his trusty steed and saved the day. My word, that man can defend. If you are looking for a damsel, Zimm… CT

Me too

Just saying, Zimmbo, if you want options, you’ve got them. ZW