Things we are sort of guessing: Derby (H)

Norwich are playing another game of football so we're back to hopelessly guess what might happen. As you were, LYBP x. 

Opposition Overview

Mein wort, these games come thick and fast.  It’s hard enough keeping up with watching and writing about them, let alone playing in them. Perhaps we should all drink some Carabao. Not that you can actually buy the stuff anywhere. Except Thailand.

Apparently Carabao symbolises ‘the spirit of individuals who fight for the cause they believe in. Not by force, but with determination’, which is appropriately sickly sweet, yet so very apt. The Norwich boys certainly left every ounce of energy on the pitch against Arsenal and somehow have to summon some more, from their deepest reserves, to Go Again™ in Saturday's match against Derby County.

It will be a tough test for their weary legs; the Rams are on something of a run themselves, unbeaten in five, including two 2-0 home victories on the trot. However, away from home things have not been quite so easy; they have won only once, and that at rock bottom Bolton.  Top scorers Matias Vydra and David Nugent (who must be 45 but is astonishingly recorded as being only 32) have been deemed a luxury away from home, as Gary Rowett has looked to make Derby harder to beat. This has simultaneously resulted in a series of draws and plenty of moaning from the fans about the lack of creativity. The Derby fans do like a good moan, although they manage to retain a sense of humour. One suggested that Joe Ledley should let James Maddison know he is ‘in for a game’ to nullify our threat. LOL. No-one’s tried that before, mate. Give it a whirl.

As well as Ipswich legend Tom Lawrence, the Rams, of course, also boast Norwich heroes Super Bradley Johnson and Super Chrissy Martin in their ranks. Johnson came off the bench to score last weekend, though curiously Martin is yet to get off the mark, despite 13 appearances. Both love a goal against Norwich, but then they are yet to meet The Wall. Stand firm Wall, I don’t think my heart could take anymore this week. It’s been through enough.  

Given that, for all their ‘Spirit de Carabao’, Norwich are still finding  it hard to break teams down at home, and that Derby will most likely dispense with any notion of attractive football and simply set up to be hard to beat,  one would imagine this is not going to be a rip-roaring game of football.

It will probably end up 5-4.  CT

Fun Fact

Famed for his bushy beard, Joe Ledley underwent a hair transplant in the summer after noticing he was thinning on top. Must have cost a fair bit, surely it would have been cheaper just to stick Velcro to his head and attach his beard clippings to it. Or, just rotate his head 180 degrees. You’ve missed a trick there, Joe.


CT: I’m exhausted from watching so can only imagine how the players feel. Have we got enough in the tank for another Dieter Miened performance? I fear that it'll  be one of those games where we come out on the wrong side of a lot of effort.  But I have zero points in the prediction league so ignore me.

Clare Calculates: I am going to go against my instinct-which is terrible- and say a stonking 2-0 win, fuelled on Carabao.

ZW: The organisation and determination shown in recent weeks has been sensual as hell but surely the players are going to be too tired to be as absolutely regimented this Saturday? It could be the sort of wild, thrilling game everyone needs every once in a while. Certainly, I’d rather they let their hair down a little and eased into a chilled attacking vibe in this game rather than on Tuesday night, where normal service will have to be resumed.

Zoë Assumes: Let’s all cut loose and explore each other’s animal sides.  Norwich 3, Derby County 2.

RJ: From the derby to Derby via Arsenal and with Wolfs arriving soon - see you next Tuesday, lads - it’s a busy spell. The players will be well rested after their Emirates exertions however and I’m confident this fixture will see us add a ruthless edge at home to our burgeoning reputation on the road. It feels like it’s the time.

Rich Reckons: A shutout for AnGu(s)nn and ghouls for City. CanARIES 2- ARIES 0. Do you see what I did there? Brilliant. You see ‘Aries’ is latin for, oh never mind.

SW: Football. Football. Football. When on earth will it stop? NEWSFLASH: I don't want it to. Especially when we're playing like we are. The heart-stopping, gut-wrenching game against The Arse™ was one that filled me with pride and made me want to cry in equal measure. We for the first time in a long time looked like a Premier League team. A collective. A well-oiled machine. A fucking rock'n'roll band, baby.

Derby? Let's have 'em. 

Seb Foresees: Another trademark 1-0 win from Farke, his parka and the #boyz. 

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