Things We Sort Of Learned: Arsenal (A)

9,000 City fans and 120 minutes of pride. A week jam-packed with all the emotion continued at the Emirates last night, and Clare Thomas was part of the travelling support. Apart from how wonderful Daniel Farke is, what did she learn?

TWSOL Arse.jpg


Oh football, you cruel master. For the second time in two days I found myself watching Norwich go into the last few minutes of the game with my heart seeming to beat out of my chest. Who needs the gym? On Sunday, my heart soared. Last night it was crushed, but those tiny little pieces were swollen with pride. It was an incredible performance from a team who had given so much already on Sunday. Ultimately, we were beaten by sheer exhaustion, but the team left everything out on that pitch, and that’s all any of us could ask for. They are capable of great things, and it is glorious to be a part of it.

Rules are there to be broken

Let's go through the number of rules Andy ‘Mad’ Lee apparently let the Arse break last night: Elneny bringing Nelson down; Iwobi flooring Reed with a NMA move; Debuchy fouling Hubby in the area; Arsene making two subs in extra time; Arsene bringing on a player with no.62 on his shirt.

As if that little lot wasn't hard enough to swallow, the ball that led to the corner wasn't out. The player that took the corner shouldn’t have been on the pitch. And a tiny man leapt higher than 6ft 4 one.

Ok the last one was our fault, but we've been on the end of wrong decisions at the Emirates once before, and it was a bitter reminder of the ‘joys’ of the Best League in the World™. The moral victory was ours.

Emirates Enchantment

Aside from Carrow Road, the Emirates has to be my favourite stadium. I've been there three times now and much like Sydney Harbour, you never tire of seeing it. From its glorious sweeping entrance, the large concrete ARSENAL outside, the scalloped edges of the upper tiers and the seats that are as comfortable to lean on as they are to sit, everything about it is splendid. Aside from that, every game I've witnessed there has been special, though the results have not always in our favour. I can't wait to go back. And given our performances of late, it may well be soon.

Super Sub

I have a confession. It's all my fault. When the stadium announcer called out Eddie Nketiah’s name it was greeted with a loud ‘WHOOOOOOOOOO?’ from the Norwich Massive. I turned to my neighbours and said ‘well, whoever he is, he ain't Sanchez’  followed with ‘he'll probably score no....1-1...ow.


Frankly, two was just unnecessary. And the chant of Eddie! Eddie! was just taking the piss. Although I was comforted in some small way by Eddie & Murphy scoring. Come on, that's cool, no?

Shame there was no Trading Places.


It was a given that the 8,800 Norwich fans would out-sing the Arsenal fans. But what stood out tonight was our vast array of tunes. And inventive ones at that. Farkelife has upped our creativity this season to previously unseen levels, and our tuneful warblings were in stark contrast to the Mighty Gunners who only appeared capable of uttering one word. The one-hit wonders had only managed an ARS-E-NAL the whole match, until EDDIE doubled their repertoire at the last. What musical genius.

I know whose band I want to be a part of.