Things we sort of learned: Ipswich

What were we all worried about? The run continues, but apparently we remain forever in their shadow. Whevs. Amid the total euphoria of Sunday’s victory, Richard Jeffery and Zoë Whitford were there to learn something.

things vs ipswich.png

It’s Happened Again.

What were we worried about? We were the better team, certainly technically and in terms of having a style of play that the players know and adhere to. We knew we had the better players, they all did their jobs and brought home the spoils.

All Ipswich had was long hopeful balls into the box, hoping for an error or a lucky break. They got one but McGoldrick, who I keep hearing is really good, headed emphatically over the bar when he should have scored. Shame.

The only other real chances they had were when we were trying to be too elaborate in the wrong areas of the pitch and lost the ball. I’m looking at you, Ivo.

There’s a stench of failure around in Suffolk, similar to when we were going nowhere under Roeder/Gunn, though even then we sold out our ground for the derby.

Just under 25,000 in the ground, with 2,000 away fans, for their biggest game of the season. That would be as concerning to me as the team's lacklustre displays if I were unlucky enough to be a Town fan.

I thought Marcus Evans was good at selling tickets.

Perhaps give us a bigger allocation next time lads? RJ

Ladies and Gentlemen

Daniel Farke’s stock continues to rise. He gave a wonderful interview to Football Focus on Saturday, and on Sunday he did the perfect job of concentrating and focusing the players and completely removing any element of hysteria that may have been created during the build-up to the match.

As the players celebrated with the fans after the game, Farke instead chose to have a quiet moment on the other side of the pitch, taking time out with the travelling supporters in the disabled section of the ground. On the television, it looked like the team were trying to get him to join in, but he gestured to them to just carry on.

However, it was his heartfelt message to the fans - a great idea from the Club - that was as perfect as you can get, if only for those three impeccable words: ‘ladies and gentlemen’. He may not even have given a moment’s thought to those words, indeed it would be even better if he hadn’t. But, as a ‘lady’, somehow it felt important to me that he knows we’re there too. We’re all in this together, and we all count. ZW


James Maddison was the standout player on the pitch and got the goal his performance deserved. He was the coolest person in the ground when the chance presented itself and left Bialkowski rooted to the ground as he lashed the ball into the corner.

This totally shut the home fans up and Maddison also did that with a shush of his finger. Loved it. A wonderful celebration and an iconic derby image up there with Holty laughing at them.

It’s hard to say how good Maddison will be, but certainly in my time I’ve seen four young players at Norwich you just knew were destined for great things. Chris Sutton, Darren Eadie, Craig Bellamy and now James Maddison. Great company to be in, and he might just go on to be the best of the lot.

Enjoy him while you can.

Shhhhhhh. RJ

Fine Wine

Use all the metaphors and similes you like for things getting better with age: fine wine, stinky cheese, George Clooney, the feeling of intense shame after a disastrous office Christmas party. Wes hasn’t been starting much recently but he was the perfect choice to start the derby game with his experience, maturity and all-round dynamism proving too much for the Ipswich players to handle.

We’re moving into the brave new world of Maddison and Pritchard, but those two both have so much still to learn from the little fella. At the end of last season it was clear that Wes and Pritch were relishing playing with each other, and the same is happening with Madderz this year. The smiles from both of them as they had a cuddle at the end of the game were brilliant. The perfect mix of the old and the new. ZW

A sense of something building

More importantly - though not more enjoyably - than the local bragging rights, this win saw us dip our toes in the waters of the top six.

Unbeaten now in eight league games, and with four away wins on the trot in difficult fixtures there is a sense of momentum building around the club.

Whisper it, but we’ve been here before and know what this kind of feeling and spirit can achieve.

With two tricky games against a dangerous Derby and everyone’s favourites for the title, Wolves, coming up in quick succession, we’ll have a better idea of how good we are when they’re over.

Start scoring at home and we can cast our eyes upwards.

Ipswich however, having lost six of their last eight games, will be looking down anxiously. Shame. RJ