Things we sort of learned - Hull (h)

Have you all calmed down yet? We haven’t. It didn’t seem like Norwich’s day, but Daniel Farke’s men went in for one more round and it paid off with a last-gasp equaliser. The Little Yellow Birders have their say (no change to the pitiful prediction league either, before you ask).


Up for the fight

It may only have been a draw but, oh, was it a special one. Gleefully waving cheerio to David ‘let me kick you again’ Meyler was all very fun, but the reality was that playing ten men defending a 1-0 lead wasn’t going to help us one little bit. And so it proved, until Daniel Farke went all Lambert on us, and took off the entire centre midfield to go all-out attack. And boy did they attack. And attack. And attack. And attack. Wave upon wave hit those Tigers, who defended like…well, Tigers. 

Just when it seemed all hope was lost the players went all Lambert on us too. There really is nothing like a last minute goal-whether it be for one point or three.  If you can’t enjoy that then why go to football? It’s those moments-that euphoria- that makes it all worth it.

In that 96th minute I didn’t give two hoots that we had only just secured a draw at home to a mid-table side with a terrible away record. I cared that our team had given everything, that our manager had been brave and that they all showed they have the cahones for the fight. CT

Finally, a Team

However you want to describe the 2016/17 campaign, it’s difficult to justify that NCFC were a cohesive unit all fighting for a common goal. Sure, there were goals a-plenty and regular home victories, but the season left many of us a galling feeling that the players were simply dialling it in.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon, and the pictures that emerged of the celebration at the end. Nelson: eyes wide and wild; Madderz: stunned and elated; Timm and Zimm: facial muscles so passionately tense they border on fury. Farke’s in the centre circle suspended in mid-air. This is, finally, a Team. And that common purpose will be worth points, plenty of points, as the season gets harder and the stakes get higher. This really could turn into something special. ZW

Marked Man

James Maddison had another more than tidy game against the Humberside Wild Cats (© Seb), nary a mistake he made, was at the heart of most of our good stuff, and he also hit the post from outside the box.

What made his performance particularly outstanding, was the fact that despite him again being systematically fouled time and again and again and again, he didn’t react. His temperament is excellent and sits alongside his talent and vision as a reason why we’re lucky to have him.

It was clearly a plan from Hull to target him, they took it in turns to have a pop at him. Little the ref can do other than issue a yellow when the mark is overstepped, but that still allows others to keep fouling him.

I propose a new thingummy. A team yellow. The ref issues a team yellow for persistent fouling, then the next player on that team who commits a foul gets a yellow, which counts as a second yellow and is sent off.

There, that’s sorted that problem out. Next time, North Korea. RJ


Man, we’re suddenly good at defending. Headers, bodies on the line, blocks everywhere. We have a defence so comfortable with their duties they’ll willingly concede corners with no need for panic. This is a gobsmacking and delightful transformation. Keep it going boys. ZW

Parka Watch

On an unseasonably balmy day, Daniel Farke made his first parka error of the season- opting for his padded version rather than the more suitable lightweight one. Clearly overheating-be it because of the weather or his jiffling around on the touchline-it was flung aside early in the first half, and the remainder of the game was seen out in his simple but stylish black top and trouser ensemble, enabling him to carrying off the total Ninja look at the end perfectly. CT

Early leavers.

Why? Why do you do it? I have never understood why people who have paid good money to watch their team, leave before the end of the game.Quite apart from the rest of us all having to stand up and let you past, thereby missing some of the action it’s utterly bizarre behaviour.

If you don’t like crowds and want to avoid traffic, go and support Ipswich.

Our seats are pretty much in the middle of our row, and everyone to our left had left before the incredible late, late goal.I know they’d all left as we were able to run/jump/group hug all the way along it and back again, leaving shin skin (shkin?) on the backs of every single seat in the row in front.

But it was worth it. And like a Shetland Pony, I’m a little hoarse today. RJ