Things We Sort Of Learned - Reading (A)

Four away wins on the trot. Only one goal conceded in a whole month. Is this really Norwich City? Seb Ward and Clare Thomas pick that glorious fleshy meat off the Reading v Norwich bones and gobble it right up. Yummo.



Just call us The Professionals. Because that’s exactly what we are. Saturdays performance at Reading encapsulated it perfectly; well taken and well timed goals, an urgency and desire about our play, and brilliant game management. It’s the way we ran into the corners to let the clock tick down, the way we came together as a unit and simply didn’t allow the Royals back into the game. With new found energy and confidence we just don’t look like we are going to get beaten. Four away wins out of four, one goal conceded in six league games. WHAT STRANGE FEELING IS THIS? Well, this really is Norwich. And we like it. CT

A squad united

The current togetherness of the City squad has been perhaps highlighted best by James Husband’s reintroduction. He got a lot of stick at the start of the season and probably rightly so. He was, after all, playing badly in a defence conceding a lot of goals. Stiepermann’s injury meant he had to come back, and back he has certainly come. Two very solid performances from him have been key to the resulting wins. A shoulder-barge on McCleary at 1-1 crucially unbalanced the striker as he went one-on-one with Gunn. And what it represents is the commitment to the cause: the squad is united, and substitute players are ready to step in and play their part.  SW


Three things pleased me about CamJam’s goal. Firstly, that he got a goal. THANK FLIPPING GOD. Let’s hope that stops all the Cameron Jer-moaning. Secondly, that his performance deserved said goal; he was excellent for the whole match, bar one moment. Which leads me pleasingly neatly to the third ‘thing’. Cam lost his man- Liam ‘I want the ball Moore’- for Reading’s goal. I’d like to think that little bit of pain he must have felt from his lapse was what made him do the exact same thing back to them. And that he wheeled away in celebration whistling ‘anything you can do, I can do better’. Or do the same, at least. CT

Poster boy

Maddison’s a bit bloody good isn’t he?! The skill, the quality, the boy band look: he’s got it all, skipping about the pitch with a swagger as if it were his day off and his name Ferris Bueller. You forget he’s so young, the way he confidently demands the ball from his more experienced colleagues. And it’s exciting to think we still have Pritchard to return too. Together the two could be devastating. We learned just what sort of player Maddison could be, and probably will be in the future. We were given a glimpse at his full potential – potential that if reached  – will make him far too good for Norwich City. Until then, he’s poster boy. SW

A Farke transfer vs a Webber transfer

The solidity of Timm and Zimm, evidenced once more against Reading, is a real bummer for Grant Hanley. He no doubt transferred from Newcastle expecting to be playing most weeks for Norwich. Instead, he’s sitting on our bench rather than Newcastle’s.

If anything, it reflects the sharing of power that now exists by having a Sporting Director. By that I mean Zimmerman, having played under Farke before, appears to be an entirely Farke-driven transfer. Meanwhile Hanley, an experienced British centre-back, is far more likely to be someone Webber picked out. Perhaps notable, then, as to which is getting the nod. SW

Golden State of Mind

I’m a big fan of the black stripy away shirt. It's neat lines pleases the OCD in me greatly, and has the additional benefit of making the players all look like they have lovely strong shoulders and massive biceps. No bad thing. Others, it appears, are not such lovers of it, with a number of fans proclaiming it a ‘travesty’ that we were not wearing yellow and that our run would come crashing to a monochrome end without it. No doubt these people will blame Black for conceding a goal. Yellow was probably sat on the sidelines shaking its head in disbelief at Black’s sloppiness. But you know what, Yellow?

‘Black swam across. It jumped across for you. Oh all the things you do. Cause you were all Yellow. Black drew a line, it drew a line for you. Oh what a thing to do….’

Cause we are all Yellow. CT

The Sky’s no longer the limit

We’re usually rubbish when on TV, and yet this time we put on a real show. Let the curse be broken now and forever. SW