Things we sort of learned - Birmingham (a)

Two wins in a row! What is this, September? The good news is Jon Rogers and Clare Thomas were on hand to learn things about the play-off push that may just happen now.

Rare Gems
Cammy and Timmy gave us many reasons to smile on Saturday. Not because they sound like characters from C:Beebies, but because they both scored great goals. Rare goals. As individuals, yes, but more so in type; a breakaway, and a well-worked set piece. Total madness! Norwich don't do those. 

On the contrary, we are actually experts in terrible versions of both; breakaways that somehow end up with the ball back at John Ruddy’s feet and set pieces more like the row S’hit’ version Wes treated us to. Cam's goal was him at his best. Full beast mode. If he did that more often then he’d be incredible - and definitely not playing for Norwich in the Championship.  And Timm...well his goal was worth it if only for the totally Timm celebration. Crazy man. But he's our* crazy man and we love him.

More of where that came from please, Beebies. 

*horrific and hideously late transfer aside. CT

Did anyone else just love Naismith popping his head up like some Scottish whack a rat after he tumbled over the hoardings? No. Well I bloody did. JR.
Bad hair day
There were some outstanding hairstyles on display in the Birmingham team. Ryan Shotton’s highlighted dreadlocks were particularly mesmerising. And Tomasz Kuszczak was sporting a lovely ‘bowl’, a true early 1990s favourite. It was like looking at Ian Walker in goal and it was horrifying. 
The 90s may be back in fashion but some trends should never be resurrected. EVER. CT

Josh Moanphy
I heard more than a few grumbles about one of the twins who continues to start game after game. I think think Jacob looks an unknown entity to many outside Norwich. Which makes him dangerous yet unpolished. A bit like an old snooker ball in a sock.

As far as my eyes can see, Jacob Murphy is the best talent we’ve managed to peel out of the Academy since Craig Bellamy. 

Despite the fact he isn’t whacking it into the top corner as much as he has done, he has earned the full trust of his manager. Yet he is still earning the trust of the crowd. The fact he gets screamed at by Mr Naismith for 80 minutes a match shows he is learning the trade. His passing has been sloppy, and there are occasions where he takes one touch too many.

But the boy wants to try the spectacular, so I say let him, as he has proved more than a few times he can pull it off. However, if the crowd continue to lambast him for the nine times out of ten that spectacular attempt turns to shit, that one off won’t be as sweet. JR

Final Formation
Whisper it. But I think Alex Neil may have found his best XI.  Maybe swap Cam for Nelson (though he'd be a brave man to drop Saturday's version), but that aside it's all just...clicking. We have our best CB pairing, Pinto and Brady are bombing forwards (shame he's leaving now he's finally remembered to put some effort in), Tettey and Howson are running the midfield admirably both defensively and offensively. Ja:Murph is giving us pace and tricks on the right, Naismith’s providing some grit and determination, and some excellent link up play with Wes, who can go wherever his little legs please.

Transfer these home performances away, and this season certainly isn't over. CT

John Hurt
I had never been involved with a minute’s applause during a game until John’s 77th minute appreciation. The very warm and admiring send-off Carrow Road gave John Hurt was as respectful and poignant as they come. To have someone so talented, so respected and so generous be celebrated was something I was glad to be a part of.

However! Blimey. Birmingham didn’t half choose a good time to start to come into the game. From 0-76 mins, nothing much had happened in blue but then in the 77th minute, they force a few corner following a few dangerous crosses - and we’re still clapping like worried seals! The applause rose and fell with each wave of attack so goodness knows what would have happened if they had have scored! I’m sure John would have found the funny side of a few nervous glances as we joined in his farewell.  All the best John. JR