Preview - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Norwich

Wolves away. What a fantastic fixture to get the bitter disappoint of the Newcastle game out of our systems. Jon Rogers spoke to Richard from Wolves Fancast. I didn’t catch his surname.

Jon - As the season has started to level out now, Wolves are mid-table and Norwich are towards the top. So I’m happy. How are you feeling with your opening ten games? 

Richard - It's been interesting in this new era at Wolves. You almost don't know how Wolves are going to play each game. We play well in the big games like Birmingham and Newcastle but then collapse against Barnsley and Wigan. Still, we've got a good team and most are happy with how things have gone so far.

Jon - Ok. Let me make a note of that. Inconsistent. I’ll pass that on. So, what are your thoughts of the game Saturday then?

Richard - We've turned it on in high profile games this season, I think Zenga likes the big occasion! It will be tough but I think we have a chance judging by how we've done against the likes of Newcastle.

Jon – In honour of the Wolf, can you name the Norwich player are you afraid of?

Richard - Cameron Jerome always scores goals at this level and has a really annoying knack of scoring against us. Brady and Naismith have obvious Prem quality and the likes of Howson and Dorrans decent in midfield.

Jon - Naismith hasn’t even been in squad for the last month, so you can knock him off the list. Dorrans and Howson are very much in there though. I’m glad you haven’t mentioned the Murphy twins though, because you are gonna love them. Who should we keep a close eye on, in your set up?

Richard - Bodvarsson is very hard working up front and can stretch a defence. Teixeira and Costa are proper ballers and likes all the tricks and flicks. Dave Edwards, although he isn't the best technically, puts in a monumental shift and picks up the odd goal.

Jon - Monumental shift? Isn’t that what causes earthquakes? So, I’ve heard a rumour biting bats heads off, or that could have been Ozzy Osborne – he’s from round your way-ish – let me ask you, is Walter Zenga as bonkers as they say?

Richard - I think he'd call it passion! There's definitely something about him that screams touch line ban. He's a bit maverick and not afraid to make changes and rest on his laurels. With things going well right now, his attitude has gotten fans right behind him 

Jon - Someone on your twitter wondered about the dislike between the two sets of fans, Play off Semi and Kevin Muscatt I’m thinking. What’s your memories of Kev?

Richard - I think a lot of Norwich fans dont have fond memories of Muscat. It was 15 years ago and none of the players in question aren't playing now so it's always seemed a bit of an odd one for fans of both sides to cling onto

I think all clubs have had a Muscat. Hard, aggressive and likely to be in the refs book at some point during the game. In the run up to the playoffs, Muscat got sent off against Grimsby and we ended up losing so many a wolves fan blames him for us not going up automatically.

Jon - Only fifteen? That’s good. We’ve got another fifteen years of pure hatred to go then. Finally, Jez.  Why is his name Jez…? And do you miss his big round face?

Richard - Ah big Jez Moxey. Everyone's favourite pantomime villain. He had his critics here in the kind of operation he ran. But we're in a decent position financially and a large degree of that is down to him and I think the fact he got a new job in football immediately after stepping down speak volumes of how he's seen at boardroom level in the football league.

Jon - Boardroom level. Great stuff. Score prediction?

Richard - I'm confident right now - 2-1 Wolves.

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