Things we sort of learned

Norwich 2  Wigan 1.  Jon Rogers sweated so you didn't have to and talks about TVs, crawling through glass, hot people, long number ones, and toilets. What a weird ole game!

 Will Grigg and flames.

Will Grigg and flames.

When, not if.
We once again played a bit poop from thirty minutes onwards, but we still managed to walk away with three points. Like a man buying a new 4KTV from Currys, but walking through the plate-glass window to take it to the car. It was a struggle, painful and we had to crawl to the end – but we did it. Just.  For any other team, this would be seen as a positive, but there is a real guff in the air at Carrow Road currently. It’s a case of not ‘if’ we’re going to stop winning while playing like this, it’s a sense of ‘when’.  
Money/recruitment isn’t the issue, so let's put that to bed as we’ve had oodles of legs, knees and heads falling off and still we can cover in the squad to beat teams.   

Newcastle aside – we’re up there with Huddersfield and Barnsley who spent little. Aston Villa have EIGHT less points than us, and Derby have scored one goal. Both outspent us.  If we have a clear run, with a solid starting eleven, without these niggling injuries, we’ll be watching Match of the Day again. But in 4k this time.

Feelin’ hot, hot, hot.
There was a delicious irony of people screaming at MurhA to sprint 40 yards in the 93rd minute to close a player down – whilst sweating like nervous pigs in a sauna struggling for the energy to fan themselves with a damp programme.  The heat zapped everything last night. The energy levels, and as the game went on, the quality of both the players and the supporters.  

Lucky we got two early goals because Norwich 2, Wigan 1, Humidity 8.

For keeps.
The emergence Michael McGovern has been a quiet one. He slipped on the goalkeeper shirt and has been so effectively getting on with his work – no-one has seemed to have noticed that fact, we have a brand new official number one.  John Ruddy was the Wet,Wet,Wet of the goalkeeping world at Norwich. Stuck at the top spot for so long – he became part of the furniture.  He disappeared during half time vs Sheffield Wednesday and if Mr McGovern stays injury free and continues those excellent reaction saves that earned us all three points last night – I don’t think we’ll see big John in a league match again.  I guess he feels it in his fingers…and feels it in his toes.

I can confirm Will Grigg isn’t on fire.  You could safely leave the world's supply of fireworks by his side.  And he could happily work in a petrol station. 
And Adam Bogdan?  Wow. Its no coincidence his name has a slang toilet word in it. 

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