Things we sort of learned

Norwich 3 Cardiff 2 . Both Jon Rogers and Clare Thomas were there to witness most Championshipy Championship game yet. They discuss simple haircuts, fast cars, Cody Mac, and big lips.

 I scored. No, I scored. 

I scored. No, I scored. 

Party poopers
There was pandemonium on the streets of Norwich after the transfer window slammed shut without THAT striker safely ensconced within the Fine City. Yet despite our impending demise as a football club, we still managed to score three goals.

In one game.

And without ever finding top gear.

Anyone else might think we've got a half decent team. Except Norwich fans, who appeared to be left in a state of confusion, barely able to celebrate. The whole atmosphere was flatter than Norfolk itself. Perhaps some felt embarrassed, given all the talk of protests. It was as if they wanted the team to be awful. Not score. Lose. They were ready to boo and jeer, not stand and cheer. Damn the players for actually turning up, scoring a few and winning. They’ve ruined the plan.  CB

Dorran and ran and ran.
Graham Dorrans was the first player to sign a new contract after we were relegated. Alex Neil snapped him up pretty sharpish, and after his first appearance on Saturday, I can see why.

In Premier League, we rarely had the ball. So without that possession, he is a little lightweight for a midfield role. Not a great tackler, not one to win many headers.

In the Championship, we’re going to have a lot more of the ball, so he can be that David Fox role that worked so successfully in the Lambert years. His little uncool haircut makes him out to be not one for thrills and spills of say, Jonny Howson, but that simple pass and move, pass and move he does so well will tire the opposition, which allows others to do damage – I can see him starting over Howson soon, who’s not been himself lately. Poor Jonny.  JR

Discretion in dissent
Football has gone wrong somewhere.

The referee gave an admirable display in applying the new rule of punishing dissent with yellows. Bad Alex and Timm; off to the naughty step, boys. But in the case of Timm who had just been left with a pout bigger than Kim Kardashian, after a close encounter of the Rickie Lambert kind, you have to feel some sympathy. I'd argue most of us would feel more than aggrieved if the both the aggressor and offence went unpunished. More so you were made to leave the pitch as your team defended the throw in, without their best defender.

Though his lip was so big it might have been able to defend from the sidelines anyway.  CB

Screen play
Can you imagine if we had the revolving screen against Colchester United. Flashing GOAL GOAL GOAL after Cody MacDonald had shinned in that goal to make it 6-1.  It would have been pelted with season tickets.

I’m going for late November being the first time, no one cheers seeing a replay. Nothing stops the fun like a cold grumpy Norwich fan.  JR

Lackadaisical Norwich
Our defence is certainly has never been top of the class for concentration. But we appear to have developed a worrying trait of late. Last minute goals. The 45 minute equaliser at Ipswich changed the complexion of the game, and was wholly avoidable. And again yesterday, 85th and 94th minute goals when Cardiff had barely been seen in the Barclay end prior to that. We coasted along in third gear for 85 minutes yesterday. Whether intentionally or because fourth and fifth gear are broken is yet to be discovered, Then the blue Ford Fiesta found its turbo button and while the yellow Lotus panicked trying to get the gear to change that pesky Fiesta nearly caught us.

A trip to the mechanics is needed, and a bit of oil in that gearbox wouldn't go amiss. CB

Murphy’s Law
Ever since the Murphs have come back from their loans in the big boy football leagues, I think, we’ve expected too much from them. Grumbles and a few over elaborated cries of anger were thrown at them.

We know they are a tad greedy. We know they seem to lose the ball in crazy and dangerous situations, and we know they’ve been hot and cold.

But for every four or five, holy shit! moments in their own half, that make the fans choke on their coffee - they give us one or two, holy shit! moments in the opposition half which make us choke on our coffee.

Despite the grumbles, the only things that now matter are the cold hard facts.

Murphy A – set up Cameron Jerome.

Murphy A – set up Russell Howson / Jonny Martin

Murphy B – scores the eventual winner.

For the past three years, the Norwich supports have been scratching at plastic seats to let the Murphy boys run riot. Football isn’t a live highlight package. We’ve got talent we couldn’t afford to buy in these two, let’s not ruin them now. JR

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