Things we sort of learned

A first home win of the season brought a robot big screen, Cameron Jerome’s water bottle problems, Josh Murphy pressure and unsung heroes. Here are Jon Rogers and Richard Jeffery on things they jeffing learned

Metal Mickey lives
Last night those of us in the Barclay got our first look at the big screen. And what a look it was. I can confirm that it’s big, very big, and it’s a screen. The euphoria of the goal had just started to dissipate when it clanked into life and began to turn. GOAL! it said, flashing green and yellow. It was very bright, possibly visible from space, and then it showed the replay of the goal and we all celebrated again.

I didn’t know whether to watch the replay or the game, but settled on not properly watching either. Here it is in all its glory courtesy of Thör Milessön. Very exciting. Mind you we do point at planes still. 

Fans of a certain age will remember this, which it reminded me of.

Forget a new striker, I want more big screens. Metal Mickey Lives. RJ

Stop Joshing with us
Young Josh Murphy had a poor game. No question. When he watches it back, he’d agree it wasn’t good enough and work out why. He seems that sort of guy. Little went right for him in the 65 minutes he was on the pitch and what did go right had little affect on the game.

It’s important to say he isn’t a passenger in the team. He isn’t a luxury because he’s local. Yet, I observed people slating him to the point of standing up screaming swear words. They were moaning at Josh for not beating a fellow professional footballer with ease every single time, like their full-back had been chosen from a ballot of people who retweeted Bristol City’s ‘Who wants to play left back tonight’ tweet. 

There was more cheers and support for  Gary O’Neil taking a corner, or Kyle Lafferty for existing, than for Josh last night.

And those people who were cheering his substitution are normally the first to moan when Alex Neil doesn’t use youth. And each time they moan, they are blissfully unaware THEY are the part of the reason Neil hasn’t used much youth.

Josh needs our patience, support and even more patience when he doesn’t produce perfection – because if we continue to remind him at every opportunity while he’s on the pitch that he is failing, he will be a Norwich City failure.

When he isn’t. He’s one of our own. JR

Doing the Cam Cam
I watched O’Cameron Jerome a lot last night, he was crowded out for much of the game and didn’t get a great deal of service, as Bristol (snigger) tried to do to us on a Tuesday what Sheffield Wednesday did on a Saturday: closing quickly, getting men behind the ball and denying us space.

But he did what he always does and ran the channels till he dropped. He didn’t get a great many opportunities, and I don’t think he’s still clicking with Steven Naismith yet, but he did OK. Because of his willingness to run the channels, he found himself out on the wing a few times when we needed someone with a presence in the box, but that’s what happens with one up front.

His low point was when, during an injury break, he was thrown a water bottle by our bench and failed to control it, letting it run under his foot. Other than that, solid.

The goals will come for him – he’s already up and running after his finish at Blackburn – but we need to find a way to create more clear-cut chances for him against teams who come to stop us playing. RJ

Defending the defensible
The real heroes so far this season? Timm Klose and Ryan Bennett. We should have had three clean sheets – I still don’t know how Blackburn squeezed that goal in – and that strength at the back hasn’t been seen at Carrow Road for a long time. 

Even in our crazy Paul Lambert days, clean sheets were rare. Klose strolls around the pitch like he is at car-boot sale, swatting away opposition attackers like flies in a field. He’s won every header and he’s made Bennett look a more calmer, assumed footballer. So Mr FA Man, if you can close the transfer window the millisecond we sign two strikers, that would be perfect, thanks! JR

Expect the expected
They last two games have been the real benchmarks for what we have to expect in this league rather than the ‘we’re going to shit the league’ reaction after the Blackburn game. We are one of the strongest teams in the division, so many teams will come to Norwich for a 0-0, just like we went to Stamford Bridge and Emirates for a 0-0 draw.

Sometimes, like Old Trafford and Eithad, we came away with more points than we thought we would. JR

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