Things we sort of learned

With many fans getting a bit angry and turning against the manager, the board, the players and probably themselves, Jon Rogers looks back at Saturday to try and squeeze out a glimmer of positivity. He tries his hardest, he really does

The fans are turning
I find a bizarre and nasty glee in some Norwich supporters when we struggle.

I’m positive some sections of fans enjoy wailing on Delia and co for being “clueless” and “poor”, hoping for the next loss to come along so that they can use David McNally’s wages against him, lamenting the fact we do everything “on the cheap” when discussing managers, or picking on individuals who aren’t top-five quality.

The criticism is justified currently. It’s dire as it can be (if you ignore Villa). But with some fans giving up on the team, and the stereotypical Canary Caller ringing up to say they’re looking forward to the Championship, could we be one defeat away from boos ringing out and fans asking that question I detest: would you want Norwich to lose, to get rid of Alex Neil?

If you ask that question then seriously, seriously consider yourself as a Norwich supporter.

Silence would be golden
I think I’d prefer near silence from the club, just for a while. The soundbites in pre- and post-match interviews are becoming as insincere as the average Match Of The Day pundit on a drunken first date. 

You see, the worst thing about Saturday was not only did we allow Swansea to slip away from us like a greased up swan in a soap factory… You know what? That was awful. Utterly shit. I’m sorry. I’ll try again. I’ll try harder. I’ve learnt… We allowed Swansea to slip away from us like a pickle onion dipped in cheap fairy liquid… Nope, that’s rubbish too. It will be better this time. It has to be. I will roll my sleeves up. I need you guys to get behind me.

We allowed Swansea to slip away from us like a fish.

Worst one yet.  But I’ll keep going...


A couple of sort of positives sort of
What was good? HA! 

Erm… Newcastle lost. 

Erm… OOH! I think Timm Klose is starting to read and settle into the Premier League: commanding in the air, simple on the floor, winning some important battles and making some decent interceptions. Sure, he isn’t blessed with the pace, but some of the best aren’t – I think if we had a fast partner alongside him that isn’t Russell Martin (who is lacking in form still) Help for Heroes would have a few more pennies in the bank.

The other end? Patrick Bamford looked OK when he came on. Something different. Was that due to fresh legs against tiring defenders, or did his movement around the box cause problems? I think a bit of both. Is he fit enough to start? Unsure, as late on, a close-up of his red face made him look like he’d just been made to run round the school playing fields in his underwear.

And some more negatives
Alex Tettey, Robbie Brady and Steven Naismith are all injured. Nothing else to add; just wanted you to share my pain and ruin your Monday further.

You say there’s a chance? 
We have lost 10 of the last 11 and each one had a chopped-and-changed formation and/or team.

We play well and we lose. We play OK and we lose. We match the utter wankiness of our opposition and we lose. We play defensively, we lose. We go all out attack, we lose. Basically, we’ve stumbled into a town called ‘Lose’ where class, luck and clinical finishing come to die. Population: Villa, Newcastle, Norwich and Sunderland.

It’s the worst Norwich City run in memory, but, guess what? We’re still only ONE point from safety. Imagine, we go on a five-game unbeaten run! Think of it. Breathe that feeling in. Taste those salty tears of our opponents as they feel the spicy pain of defeat for once.
It can happen.

It will happen!

Who have we got next?  OH FFS.