Preview - Leeds United

Leeds are marching themselves in to Norwich at the weekend. A crucial game for Norwich and Alex Neil.  Jon Rogers talks to Joshua Gilbert about the Norwich Leeds game including which footballer would you pay to watch have paper cuts?

Jon: So, Norwich reserves played Leeds reserves in the cup a week or so ago where I found out penalty shoots outs are rubbish. This time it's the big boys. With you being one point outside the play offs and still in the cup - is this...Leeds year?

Joshua: I honestly think it is! I have to admit that after The Canaries upset Everton at Goodison Park, I was nervous when the draw came out. I think Leeds got a little lucky in the Penalty Shootout, but I wanted them to get matched up with Liverpool in the next round of the EFL Cup. I don't expect Leeds to make it into the next round, but a quarterfinal appearance is something to be proud of. In the League, I think this is Leeds' year to get a play off spot. I think with the way they've been playing, and still having two main players out in Liam Bridcutt and Stuart Dallas, I think that Leeds have a real good shot at winning at Wembley if they can maintain a top 6 finish.

Jon: Ok. Choose one.  Wembley or finishing sixth and in the play off lottery?

Joshua: Oh man... I think many Leeds fans would take finishing 6th over Wembley. A shot at getting back into the Premier League would be something that would go down into Leeds folklore with all of the scandals and craziness that our owner has been getting into earlier this season.

Jon: Ah what a shame... You finish 6th but Huddersfield beat you both legs.  So, how's your 78th manager this season doing?

Joshua: We would give Huddersfield a run for their money! Especially with their negative goal difference currently. But anyways, at the beginning of the year I was scared that we had Garry Monk at the helm. I thought he wasn't experienced enough at Swansea, and his stint in the Premier League was a joke. After a few games into this campaign and Leeds were still winless and desperate for points, I wanted Monk out. Now though, I think he's settled in really well. I think that he's found a winning XI that doesn't need to be changed or tampered with, and I expect the positive results to continue this month.

Jon: You know when I said...78th? I was only joking.

Joshua: Yeah I know! It seems like we've had 78 managers recently. The team at the beginning of the year felt like it was being managed by someone other than Garry Monk. Now the team has found their groove and so has Garry.

Jon: It's actually your 81st...So, Norwich game...Tell me...Who should we be worried about? Who's going to cause us the most problems?

Joshua: I expect the game to be a perfect example of two top of the table Championship teams. In the game, I think Chris Wood should be someone that Norwich needs to pay attention to. He has 10 goals in all competitions for Leeds this year and he always seems to score at the perfect time. I expect Norwich to double team him whenever the ball is played to him.

Jon: Mate, double team?! We can't even single team him currently. We make a sieves look secure.  Reverse it. Who are you worried about on the Norwich side?

Joshua: In the Norwich City side, I am worried about Steven Naismith. He is someone who is so smooth with the ball. He can take over the game solely by himself. He is a force to be reckoned with whether Norwich play him behind a striker, or up top by himself. He still has a lot to prove and he wants to do all he can to get back into the Top Flight.

Jon: It's so interesting...I’ve done 15 of these now.  His names crops up over and over.  He has been utterly poop for us this season and has hardly played because of that form. Hasn't started a league game in about 10 games. Or been in the squad - I'm very sure he won't start, so no need to worry about Steven.

Joshua: Yeah, I feel like he will either be really good, or really bad. For me, the highlight of his career has been his hat-trick for Everton when he came on as a sub really early in the first half. Another played that Leeds need to look out for then will be Wes Hoolahan. He is up there in age, but I think he is a vital piece to the Norwich City midfield.

Jon: Did you just wikipedia that?! Be honest now! Anyway, did you know Leeds have an official Annual16/17? Its £7.99 on Amazon. Full of pictures and facts...and more pictures. Stocking filler...

Joshua: I did not Wikipedia it haha. I watch Everton a lot when they're on TV, and Naismith coming on and doing that was phenomenal. And no I did not know Leeds have an official Annual! I'll have to check it out.

Jon: I wouldn't. They probably change it before it comes out anyway. Finally, I know what it is like to be a Leeds fan. Exactly. Wanna know why?

Joshua: Please explain what it is like to be a Leeds fan!

Jon: I too miss Jonny Howson. He has had a leg op - and won't be back until after Christmas.  I pine for him. Ache.  Do you too?

Joshua: He's definitely a player who can make a difference on the pitch. I don't like it when anyone in the world of sports gets hurt. It's something I never wish upon a player. I really hope he comes back and makes a huge impact immediately for Norwich!

Jon: Pfft. You've obviously never seen Kevin Muscat on a pitch. I'd pay good money to watch people line up and give him paper cuts...So, score prediction...what do you think?

Joshua: Seeing as how the game is at Carrow Road, and Leeds are without two of their big players, I think Norwich comes out of this game with all three points. My final score prediction is 2-0 Norwich City over Leeds United.

Jon: You're suppose to go for your own team but if you want us to win fine.

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