Things we sort of learned

Wolves. Away. Under the lights. And on Sky. In years gone by, we'd have folded like hotel room sheet but luckily Jon Rogers and Richard Jeffery watched it and went, Oooh. Oooh. Ahhh.  Join us. Oooh.

 Timm's thumb.

Timm's thumb.

Middle Man.
Abundance is a lovely word, and it’s a perfect one to use when we discuss our midfield options. Our three CMs that wiggle about in the middle are wonderful footballers in their own special way.  Tettey is all kicky, Dorrans is all passy, and Howson is all runny. If one drops to the bench, just like Jonny did at the weekend, we know that it’s to combat the opposition’s strengths, or take advantage of their weaknesses. Keeping those three fresh, fit and confident is going to be key this season, as it allows Wes and MuphA to go utterly ballistic on the opposition.  JR.

O’Cameron Jerome.
That was a masterclass in lone Centre Forward play. We all wanted some stardust in the transfer window but we already had one of the Championship’s best strikers. A lot of us had just forgotten as he’s sadly not one of the Premier League’s best strikers.

He followed up his wonder strike at Noocassel with a more straight forward, old fashioned centre forward’s header against the Wolfs, it was WFLGH-like in its bullyingness. He misses a few for sure we know that, but his strength, quality and willingness to run the channels until he can run no more must be a nightmare to play against.

So that’s 5 goals in 11. Not bad, if he keeps that up and plays every league game it will be 20.91 ghouls for the season. We’ll round that up to 21, yeah? #maths

That’s remarkably close to his career average in the Championship for Norwich, which is 23 goals in 51 games and would be 20.75 goals in a full season, so again rounded up = 21. #uncanny

Worth bearing in mind that the one that got away, Ross McCormack has only got 2 ghouls in 6 games, so 15.33 for a full season, but if you adjust that figure by taking the number of games he’s missed already and extrapolating that for the rest of the season, he’ll get 8.35, round down, 8.

I hate stats, they’re bollocks. But yeah?  RJ

You just keep me hanging on.
Our defence. We actually held out pretty well at Mollynoo, it’s just the spectre of the St James’ Park disaster was all too fresh in our minds. I’m sure I wasn’t alone when my arsehole started going like th@t after Wolfs got a ghoul back.

It was a soft goal, again. Ivo, Ivo, Ivo, Ivo, Ivo, Ivo, Ivo Pinto forgot to do a jump and left a simple header for Edwards.

Timm made a big difference to our aerial defending, if only he’d been fit on Wednesday, though we still looked vulnerable to the lofted pass.* Time and again Wolfs had a man over on the wing, and we allowed too many easy crosses but luckily for us apart from the ghoul only one cross caused real problems, and the returning Dicko failed to shake off the rust sufficiently to beat McGovern, who made a good save.

*Big old hoof.

We also gave the ball away several times in dangerous positions. I’m all for passing your way out of defence, but we need to choose our moments and pick our passes better.

My other concern is that we occasionally seem to go to sleep. One example was when Wolfs had a shot from outside the box, two Wolfs charged in on Micky McGovern, if he’d spilled the shot it would have been a goal as not one of our defenders followed in with them. He didn’t, but confident as our defence may be in his handling, they can’t switch off like that.

Still, all that said we did it. I don’t know what would have happened against a team with a striker of the calbre of Dwight Gayle, perhaps we’ll never know... RJ

Nice job if you can get it.
Norwich now has the equivalent of a nightwatch man in Ryan Bennett. His job description has been rewritten to just “head last minute hoofs away”. I wouldn’t be surprised if Benno never touches the ball with his foot again. JR

There are a lot of them in Mollynoo. 31,700 to be precise. A lot of them were empty too 12,907 as you ask. That’s an attendance of 59.28% of capacity. #stats
18,793 hardy souls braved it. OK it was on TV and it was wet and it is in Wolverhampton, which as anyone will tell you who’s been, ‘Don’t go’. But most of them live there already. I guess this is their third season back in the Championship after promotion so it seems that they’re a little bored, I don’t know.

Imagine if it was your 15th consecutive season back in the Championship. I wonder what kind of attendance you’d be looking at, say if you had a stadium with a capacity of 30,311 and were playing the league leaders. Probably about 53.27% I reckon. #maths

Now, we’ve had a pretty good run of full house attendances at FCR, even during our season in the 3rd division, and a full ground makes for a much better experience. But this season our attendances have started to drop off slightly. Let’s hope we don’t hang around in the Championship long enough to find out if they’ll plummet to those levels.  RJ

Throughout the summer window’s fart about for a striker, Alex Neil made a signing that few were surprised of, or that excited with. Myself included. Michael McGovern did well in the Euro’s, he had worked with the manager before, and although most thought he was solid competition for John Ruddy, and a decent number two – there weren’t too many people juicing themselves.

McGovern hasn’t the loudest of personalities for a goalkeeper, but he is doing something that is invaluable for a team pushing for promotion. He hasn’t put a foot (or hand) wrong.  No cheap mistakes, no mishandles, no wrong decisions in and around the box, no dillydallying. If you gonna score a goal against him, you’re gonna have to bloody well earn it, sonny-jim. The way he bolted out to Dicko’s feet verses Wolves was like Margot Robbie dressed as Harley Quinn had asked a comic book fan to tie her shoelaces up with their mouth. He has already saved a bundle of points for us this season, and his lack of clean sheets is bitterly unjust.  Keep it up Mr G and I think a podium finish for Player of the Season is on the cards. Only because Wes cant win 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Unless he can? JR

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