Become a Yellow Bird patron!

The Little Yellow Bird Project has joined Patreon, and you can become a patron of ours! Sound a bit creepy? Well, don’t worry – it’s just a way of being part of the LYBP family and to help us get bigger and better. Bigger, anyway.

The Little Yellow Bird Project is for the fans. Not advertisers. Not sponsors. We are all about quality writing and interesting, funny views.

So far we’ve run the site purely off our own backs and paid for it out of our own pockets. When we asked for donations in November we were genuinely overwhelmed by how many people gave over their hard-earned money to help us keep the site going.

Football websites are overrun with ads from gambling websites which take advantage of people for profit, and we don’t want that on our site. We have to be independent.

But we do also need help funding the website and to help it grow and bring you even more brilliant content. We also – and importantly – want to pay our contributors. Good writing should be paid for, and it will enable us to bring you more quality writing.

So this is what we are proposing…

Patreon helps followers and fans to pay a monthly fee to The Little Yellow Bird in return for quality output. We’re not asking for a huge amount – just $2 a month is around £16 a year. Or you can give more if you wish! In return we can keep the website and podcast going. Your support would be very kind, and hugely appreciated, and even more helpful than retweeting us or linking to us or SHOUTING ABOUT US.

Thanks for listening, and you can visit our Patreon site right here - where you can see us looking startled in a video that explains what we're doing. Please spread the word!

Dan and Jon