Grabban: sinner or shafted?

Which side of the fence do you sit on the Lewis Grabban debate? Is he a naughty boy or misunderstood? Jon Rogers chooses his side, clambers down and gets angry. He even does some swears

Look, I’m not going to lie. I’m in the Lewis Grabban camp on this one. Oh yeah, I understand exactly how he feels. Because me and Grabby? The Grabster and I? We’re one, man. Bros. On the same track. Fist bump.  

If I were a footballer, I too would rather risk my job, piss thousands of people off and spoil my club’s transfer plans than hang about in a five-star hotel in bloody Rotherham. It’s not that Grabban didn’t warn anyone. I think you’ll find he put out a clear and direct message of his dissatisfaction of both Rotherham and Norwich by twatting a Millers player in the gut after seven minutes on his last visit. So, good on him for standing up against the regime.

Eff the power, and eff the manager who grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and dragged him, and his team-mates, kicking and screaming via Wembley, to wealth and Premier League.

Still, let me calm down.

It’s very easy to slag off footballers, to be ridiculously unfair without any facts, or the full story. It’s also extremely fun, so fuck-a-doodle-do to you Lewis on behalf of any Norwich fan who would have given their right bollock to serve you room service, let alone be on the bench for such a wonderful club. Unless they have extreme personal circumstances, I will never feel sorry for a fit and healthy professional Premier League player who doesn’t want to play football.

It’s not much of surprise that Grabban did this deserting act. He has played for eight teams in eight years. That’s one team a season; hardly one to settle is he?

Eddie Howe went for Glenn Murray and Grabban was left to train alone like the stinky kid at the school disco

So, should he grin and bear it? Get his head down and work hard? There are two clichés there for him to get onboard with but, nope, he ignored them both and chose a different two as he ruffled Alex Neil’s feathers and got under his skin.

So what do we know about the last few weeks of GrabGate? Not loads, apart from that Bournemouth, or Born-mouth, as Alex Neil likes to call them, put a few lowish bids in for him and Norwich said nope. I am then assuming that Mr Agent suggested Grabbo down toys and throw his tools out of the pram, and off he marched into the Rotherham air with a one-way ticket to the south to sleep on Eddie Howe’s sofa until he got himself settled.

That advice was up there with the time someone mentioned to Delia that Glenn Roeder was out of work. Howe went for Glenn Murray and Grabban was left to train alone like the stinky kid at the school disco.

Listening to Neil’s interviews after the incident, there was an unnerving air of a Mafia boss about him. It was like Grabban was locked in a sweatbox, with nothing but a baseball to keep him company. A cold steely, even whimsical look in his eye. It was quite terrifying in some ways, that Neil didn’t give a flying fuck.

He used Ricky van Wolfswinkel as the only striker for the match for god’s sake, that’s how much of a fuck was given.

The window had other fractious transfers. Saido Berahino also decided to tweet his dirty laundry, before scuttling back by deleting it. However, it was also mentioned that Everton’s wonderkid, John Stones’ attitude was first-class and professional throughout the £30m + money fight with Chelsea. No storming off, no deleting of arsey tweets – just patience, and hard work to produce form that will help Everton win trophies.

That’s what pissed me right off.  The professionalism. Generic £Xk a week can’t make you respect the badge, the fans, the club? Then enjoy being kicked by disgruntled centre-backs in the U21, Lewis.

So what is next for Grabba-Grand?

Well, ironically Born Mouth are flocking into Carrow Road ON Saturday, and I’m sure their, and our, fans will be in fine voice about the whole sorry and irritating saga.

As for Lewis G, well Lewis Hamilton has more chance of starting for Norwich than him in the very near future.

Will he want to play in yellow and green again?

Will Neil even let him if he does want to?

What I do know, is that it’s been an unnecessary affair that added unnecessary pressure to an already chipped window. Just like the state of Grabban’s hotel room as he checked out early, it all seems rather messy.