We need your help!

Last week we asked if anyone would like to help us out with a bit of money to keep the site and podcast going. To our huge surprise lots of lovely people said they did. Thank you so much! Here Jon Rogers explains why and how you can give us yer monies

Both Dan and I love doing the The Little Bird Project – we set a brief of what we wanted to do, and that was to be a unique voice in a crowded market of Norwich websites and blogs.

I think we’ve met our brief. Ish. But sadly and simply, we don’t have enough funding to keep both the podcast and the website running together for any longer than Xmas.

We didn’t start TheLYBP for money, we did it because you nice people say nice comments about our work so we wanted to do more nice work so you nice people say more nice comments. So we need some help from the audience please. We would also like to pay the very nice people who write for us.

We can’t do a Kickstarter as we’ve started… so this is our own version… ShoveContinue.

50p a month from all of you who have listened to the podcast (and thank you to the thousands who have!), would pay for us to continue.

£1 a month would let us expand slowly and keep going.

£5 a month would let us expand instantly, and do TLYBP full-time, and produce daily bigger and better output.

£10 a month… Fuck this LYBP shit… I can get a hair transplant and Dan can buy BIG shoes.

Anyone who gives a crazy amount? We’d do something for you – a podcast in YOUR living room, or write a song for you… or Dan will wash your windows and fix the guttering. Pipedreams I know, but I like dreams and Dan likes pipes.

So there we go… We wanna spread our wings… OUR LITTLE YELLOW BIRD WINGS…

Thank you!

To simply give us your hard-earned cash, or to get us to gatecrash your living room and do the podcast from there, you can send money via Paypal to thelybp@gmail.com or click the link below